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Ishmael and Isaac: An Essay on the Divergent Moral Economies of...

Abstract The Torah and the Qur'an offer different conceptions of individual autonomy. These differences are best illustrated by the manner in which the two scriptures...

World Affairs and Insanity as Entertainment: Are we at the End...

“Certain forms of modern life lead directly to degeneration….in the poor as well the rich, leisure engenders degeneration. Cinemas, concerts, radios, automobiles and athletics...

Son of a Dog

THE CLOSER Mahmoud Abbas gets to the end of his reign, the more extreme his language becomes. Recently he spoke about Donald Trump and uttered...

Buddhist Terrorism – no longer a myth

"There is little doubt that the entire Buddhist population is playing its criminal role as active participants in this latest campaign to ethnically cleanse the Rohingya Muslims. In a report in August, the New York-based Human Rights Watch said it had found evidence of "state-sponsored persecution and discrimination" against the Rohingyas in the weeks after the violence. The latest announcement from Thein Sein’s office gives further credence to the government cover-ups and its evil plan....It is high time that the U.N. takes a serious look at what is going on inside Myanmar and stops the criminal regime and its partners for crimes against humanity. Silence of the UN on this matter would be a grave sin and is simply criminal."

The Graciousness of the Fasting during Ramadan

"The real aim of fasting has been described to be ‘Taqwa’ which means to struggle every moment to keep away from all sorts of evils and try not to transgress any limits prescribed by Allah. The fasting gives the man the power to control his animal desires aroused by animal instincts."



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