His Master’s Voice – (Poem)

(On the inauguration of the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama)


Washington is rejoicing
The inauguration of the president
Barack Obama
Minus his middle name
Who is looking for some change
In the White House
Just like his brother on the street, asking
"can you spare some change"
but there will be no change.
The whole world is duped again.
Little Terrier is still on the record label
Listening to his master’s voice
But this mutt is going to speak his master’s voice.
Right now America is like an economic souffle
Crumbling and deflating
And Oprah Winfrey is renting
A hotel to celebrate the Change
Which is going to be celebrated
With firework in
Gaza, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq
And possibly Iran,
Burning the children alive.
America is going through the Change, a
Cultural, political and moral menopause.
And you want me to celebrate
Because a black is in the White House
Not a real black
½ black
1/3 black
2% black
less filling black
but as long as he is going to finish
his mater’s dirty job of bombing.
He is ok because he is brown. He can stick around.
So this my gift, a poem, to you Mr. President and
all the casualties of
women, men, children, animals
and the house mice, you are going to drop bomb at.