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Shithole Countries

Poor Donald Trump. He was simply asking for information, and they're all over him as if he were a racist thug. His choice of...

Panetta: Military spending is going up

"The talk of cuts serves more than a political purpose for Panetta and Obama.  It also serves to justify actual cuts to services for troops and veterans even while increasing spending on weapons and occupying new nations.  Also announced on Thursday, Obama is working on re-occupying the Philippines.  To his credit, there has been no mention of the benefits to "our little brown brothers."  There will be an increased Asian presence, Panetta said.  The Marines will maintain their Pacific presence, he noted in particular, horribly smashing the hopes of the entire population of Okinawa.  There will be no cuts to bombers.  We will have a "posture forward" and be able to "penetrate defenses" strengthening "the ability to project power in denied areas," also known as other people's countries.  But healthcare fees and deductibles for troops and veterans will have to go up, Panetta said."

Evil can be any Color

"If terrorism is to be condemned, we should do so across the board. Enough of the double standards and stereotypes that put all of us brown, Muslim people in a category we just don’t deserve. Perhaps Anders Breivik taught the world a valuable albeit tragic lesson. You can be any nationality, any color and any religion to follow in the path of evil. Because for the victims of such abhorrent acts, it makes no difference."

The Mad Hatter

"Hatter then began to wave the little green book he had written. It was his version of a “Mein Kampf.” Little did he know that on the streets of his city, not far from his palace, demonstrators ripped up pages of his green book and burned them. Little did he understand that once people taste freedom, they forget their fear of oppression. Adrenaline kicks in. This is how mountains and dictators are overcome."

A Hollow Bomber Jacket

"Evidence of the Obama administration’s “moral collapse” is profuse; the pattern is clear, the consequences already terrible. During the weeks and months ahead, progressives will need to engage in fresh strategic discussions. Public candor may be insufficient, but it is necessary."



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