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Has NATO Failed the Women of Afghanistan?

"The imperative now is for the international community to support and improve capacity-building measures at the grassroots while strengthening the judicial infrastructure. The focus should be on humanitarian, development and infrastructure projects - through credible independent NGOs - a strategic shift which could strike a decisive blow against Taliban recruitment efforts without firing a single bullet."

May we never, ever become like them

"Israel today is slowly eroding from the inside and it is partially because there are settlers who draw no moral lines and a government which allows them to do so because it serves their long term goals. The Palestinians today are demanding a state of their own, one they rightfully deserve. Israel’s settlers are expected to fight this state tooth and nail because of some twisted and racist logic that says this land is for Jews only."

The Race for Space Solar Energy

"Rather than a competition, however, the United States, China, Japan, and perhaps Russia, should organize a public service consortium to cooperatively produce energy from outer space....Such a consortium could take advantage of the unique abilities of each nation to collectively produce space-solar energy, and it would avoid private corporate domination over the distribution of a product that is essential to human civilization."

Two wrongs don’t make a right

"Incitement, a charge periodically raised by Israelis, is one example. The Israelis have their own definition of incitement that is applied to Palestinians without any acknowledgment of obvious Israeli policies and practices that incite Israelis (particularly settlers) and encourage aggressive and violent tendencies....The Palestinian leadership has responded by challenging Israel to agree to the establishment of a committee that would include a third-party representative of the international community, with the task of developing incitement definitions and applying it equally to both sides."

Tunisia, Egypt; Is the Arab world moving towards independence?

"Regardless of, who or what, succeeds in Egypt, Tunisia or elsewhere, if the Arab world is to make progress, it needs to build a stable government that is accountable to the masses, where the rule of law prevails, corruption and nepotism is erased. These few changes can transform the Arab world substantially, setting the pace for greater unification under the banner of Islam or Arab nationalism. If the domino effect proceeds towards Syria and beyond, the Arab world could finally gain independence, and who knows, another Salahuddin could emerge."



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