Zionist Footprints in Africa: A Case Study of Chad


Chad is the fifth largest nation on the African continent with an estimated land area of 1.28million square kilometers. It is also one of the poorest countries in the world. The President of Chad is Idris Derby Itno, who seized power in a coup 29 years ago and is seen by western governments as a bulwark against Islamist militants in the region despite his poor human rights record. Amnesty International report in 2013 accused Derby of brutally repressing critics of his rule, and of ignoring promises to respect human rights when he came to power in 1990.

In 2012, Derby married Amani Musa Hilal, daughter to Musa Hilal, leader of the notorious Arab militia Janjaweed group that killed at least 400,000 people in Darfur region of Sudan in 2003. Amani was a university graduate in her mid-twenties when she got married to Derby. He paid U$26 million for dowry. Part of it was U$1 million in gold and jewelry. Derby is one of the longest-serving presidents in Africa. In 2004, Chad held a referendum to remove presidential term limits. This has enabled him to hold on to power. During campaigns for re-election in 2016, he promised to re-introduce term limits. His re-election on April 10, 2016, is his fifth term in office.

Lately, Zionist Israel has been making forays into Africa, courting African leaders and promising them three thinks. These are: private security, military hardware, and the drip technology that has been developed in Israel for farming. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently visited several African countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Chad. The fact that many of our leaders on the continent are corrupt, they require a sophisticated private security system around them which Israel has in abundance. They also require arms to entrench themselves in power and not allow any opposition to their rule. To crown it all, the mere mention of this drip technology to African leaders, makes them appear as if they are progressive and support development.

Besides these, Israel does not offer any form of humanitarian aid to uplift the Chadian population. No financial loans are given to African countries. On the contrary, the country is looted and plundered of its mineral wealth, tragically with the help of our leaders.

The case of Chad and indeed, many other African countries who have fallen to this Zionist bigotry and treachery, is a clear example of how our leaders are mortgaging our resources in exchange for arms of war with a view of cementing themselves in power.

The diplomatic relations between Chad and Israel began with Chad’s independence in 1960 but was officially terminated in the 1970s. De facto relations resumed in 2016, with diplomatic relations re-established in 2019. Although Chad and Israel did not have formal diplomatic relations, informal relations continued. Israel has reportedly sold weapons to the Chadian government to aid them during the Chadian Civil War. More recently, Israel has provided weapons and funds to Chad to assist the country’s fight against rebels in the north.

In November 2018, Derby arrived in Israel and paid an official visit to the country. During his visit, Derby met with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin. Both nations expressed their intentions to re-established diplomatic relations and discussed plans for Netanyahu to pay an official visit to chad.

In January 2019, Netanyahu arrived in the Chadian capital of N’Djamena where he met with Derby. Diplomatic relations were restored between both nations and several bilateral agreements were signed. Details of the trade deals agreed were not released though Chadian Security Sources have claimed that supplies of Israeli weapons have been secured for use in fighting the so-called Islamist rebels in the north of the country. Netanyahu described the agreement as a historical moment for the two countries. Jerusalem Post correspondent Herb Keinon argued that Chad will benefit from closer security, intelligence and technology ties to Israel and improved access to the United States, a key Israeli ally.

African countries should be wary of developing ties with Israel for the following simple reasons: first, Israel does and will not give funds to them to buy food for their many hungry. Second, Israel only provides weapons and spy technologies which they can use against the opposition and anyone who dares to remove them from power. One observes a pattern that the moment a country buys weapons from Israel, an insurgency of some form immediately begins in that country, why? Third, as said by The Jerusalem Post correspondent “improved access to the United States, a key Israeli ally” is guaranteed. For many of our African dictators, this is the most important development in their lives. They will fight to outdo one another in order to be recognized as who is the closest to Washington.