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On the Path to Authoritarianism

When Donald Trump was elected, I, like many others feared what his presidency might do to the country. A year and a half into...

President Trump Wasn’t on the Ballot. Nevertheless, He Lost.

With all due respect to the gubernatorial candidates who won their elections on November 7th, there can be no doubt that their road to...

America is in crisis and engrossed with the addiction of Racism...

On August 15, 2017, President Donald Trump at a press conference unequivocally chose to stand with White Supremacy, Confederates, KKK, Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right and bigoted...

Democracy = People, Not Money

"Voters are being told – as usual – that this is the most important election in history, and the supreme court selections, if any – as usual – will assure a millennia of change or reaction, depending on which side of the coin we are shown and forgetting that is only an either/or choice between heads or tails and hardly anything really different, which is what we need."

Nader Is Right: Double Standard is Real

"Hollywood, in particular, has an Arab and Muslim problem with negative stereotypes abounding. But our political culture is no better. For more than a decade now, some political leaders have been engaged in poisonous discourse targeting Arabs and Muslims—culminating in recent years in the mass movement to block the building of an Islamic Community Center in lower Manhattan, a rash of referenda and legislation to block the imposition of Sharia law in over two dozen states, and declarations by presidential candidates insisting that Muslims would have to take special loyalty oaths before allowing them into public service. And it has been revealed that many in our military and law enforcement agencies have received deeply flawed and biased training about Arabs and Muslims. And while this hate has had devastating consequences for Arabs and Muslims—in crimes against their persons and rights, discrimination, and profiling—the purveyors of the hate have received nary a slap on the wrist."



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