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Challenging The Notion of Political and Economic Sanctions by the USA...

Sanctions represent a middle ground in international politics, being more severe than mere verbal condemnation, but less severe than the use of force. In...

Human Rights: Are They Universal?

"Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love." -- George Bernard Shaw It is tragic that civilized nations...

Iran: Washington’s hardest case or troubled dream?

"One does not know what Clinton exactly means by ‘trying’ as all we have seen during the recent years is a literature of force, flying spy drone over the Iranian airspace, the imposition of sanction after sanction, targeting the Iranian population and endangering the health of terminally ill Iranian patients who are in desperate need of imported medicine."

Self-immolations speak of Israel’s bankruptcy

"...Israel's economy isn't experiencing delightful days. The mass protests in Tel Aviv and other cities relate the bitter story of Israel's failed economy. Perhaps it might be better for the Israeli leaders to deal with their people's problems and think of solutions to get out of the current crisis rather than pulling out all the stops to suppress a defenseless, besieged people in Gaza, kill the innocent Palestinian children and women and design malicious ploys to attack Syria and Iran."

End Human rights violations

"The ugly Israeli wall is now in place and the Israelis can install whatever security measures they wish to ensure that the safe-passage road keeps Israel safe, but to deny millions of Palestinians the right to travel to and from Gaza clearly amounts to collective punishment."



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