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Ishmael and Isaac: An Essay on the Divergent Moral Economies of...

Abstract The Torah and the Qur'an offer different conceptions of individual autonomy. These differences are best illustrated by the manner in which the two scriptures...

Trump and Kim

I think I know why President Donald Trump suddenly agreed to hold talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after a year of mutual...

Volunteers create worlds

A world created is one that begins with a path taken by an individual who gives time, energy, thought and care without personal material...

Iran Sanctions: US War of Nerves

"Washington has long been making unflagging efforts to push Iran to the farthest margins of political and economic isolation even when Iran was not working on its nuclear energy program. The West has failed to understand that Iran is not a country solely dependent on oil resources. Rather, it has at its disposal myriad natural resources to rely on. Ergo, blocking Iran’s oil flow to other countries will not be so damaging to the country as the West imagines. On the contrary, such an act will surely prove irreversibly damaging to world economy; the oil prices will rocket up beyond control; the global economic security will be caught up in an unmanageable whirlpool and the rest of the world including the US and Europe will have to suffer immensely for this strategic folly....The sanctions are nothing new and the western media flowery phrases like ‘Iran feels the pain of sanctions’, ‘The sting of sanctions begins’, ‘Iran feels the pinch of US-led sanctions’ are only meant to cater for the public taste of western audience who are now prone to see Iran through the purblind eyes of the corrupt western powers-that-be which have long entertained sinister plots for the Iranian nation."

Netanyahu Visits a Different Washington, He Hopes

"Israel's supporters have been fuming over the White House's recent efforts to pour cold water on their threats of war. Netanyahu is particularly upset with warnings by senior Administration officials regarding the potentially devastating consequences of a military strike against Iran or concerns raised by U.S. military officials about the effectiveness of an Israeli attack. They want a clear message of support from the President for their push to end diplomacy, isolate, and then punish Iran. They want Obama to embrace the "red lines" they have drawn up regarding Iran's nuclear program and to join them in ratcheting up the rhetoric against Iran. And they do not want any reminders from Obama of the matter they are working hard to forget. They do not want criticism of Israel's ever expanding settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, or of demolitions of Palestinian homes and new repression in the occupied lands—all of which have intensified in recent weeks (almost as a "dare" to the U.S. President)."