Which university will step up and hire Dr. Norman Finkelstein?

One of the world’s most meticulous researchers and honest political scientists is Dr. Norman Finkelstein, late of DePaul University. Instead of receiving richly-deserved tenure at DePaul, Dr. Finkelstein was skewered with indignity not unlike, but nowhere near as physically damaging, as that showered on the Palestinian population that Dr. Finkelstein has publicly defended.

To many persons of conscience around the world, Dr. Norman Finkelstein is a hero. He speaks truth to power even at risk of personal peril. Almost alone and single-handedly he invokes the wrath of the very powerful and is only strong enough to bear that wrath because of the power of conscience, his own family history, and limited support from his many admirers.

Dr. Finkelstein is more than a political scientist and researcher, though. He is a professor, a teacher. He loves to interact with young persons with open minds and beautiful hearts. He wants to educate such young persons and be, in turn, reassured through their own work that his work is bearing fruit. Perhaps this is the major reason why his detractors want Dr. Finkelstein silenced.

Dr. Finkelstein has received some much appreciated support from the community of university employees regarding his unsuccessful tenure fight. But much more needs to be done.

A major university needs to hire Dr. Finkelstein. UC Berkeley, Harvard, University of Colorado, Princeton, University of Oregon, University of Florida –” someone needs to step up and put Dr. Finkelstein back to work.

Dr. Finkelstein is a great teacher and well-beloved by his students. He is a role model in matters of principle. He deserves a promotion, not firing.

Who will stand up for this remarkable man? Who will stand up for the cause of academic freedom and thus stand up for what is right in a world favoring expediency and worship of power at the cost of principle?

The university that hires Dr. Norman Finkelstein will honor itself by so doing. And their students will benefit and help make this world a better place because of studying under Dr. Finkelstein.