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The African Union: What the civilian population expect

It is not an exaggeration for one to say that the civilian population of our beautiful continent is sick and tired over the inaction...

The Relevance of Yunus Emre in Our Time

No place seems immune these days from instability, violence and insecurity. The worst victims are Muslims – attacked both from within and without the...

It’s the End of the World, and I Feel Terrible

I’ve written many hundreds of columns. The one below has caused me the most uncertainty about going public with it. I’m accustomed to writing about...

Who is the Vassal?

"IF YOU want to understand the policy of a nation, look at the map!" Napoleon is supposed to have said. It is good advice. If you...

Kashmir: Nehru to Modi – What’s Changed?

Generations of Kashmir's population have waited in vain for an end to India's brutal military occupation and to celebrate their independence - finally as...



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