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From Deir Yassin to the Great March of Return

At a time South Africa is mourning the passing of the country's beloved icon of the freedom struggle Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the world reels from...

When the Truth Comes Out

"It is very likely that if it were an inside job, a random employee at the Muqata’ was recruited by Israel to do its dirty work. Israel has had a long history of turning desperate or money-driven Palestinians into collaborators and has subsequently used them to track down and kill fellow Palestinians. Of course, this job was far more high profile than others, and would have been carried out with the utmost meticulousness and secrecy. Still, it seems the most likely scenario given the circumstances."

The Police State makes its move: Retaining one’s humanity in the...

"The corporate/national security state, by its very nature is anti-liberty and anti-freedom. Of course, its defenders give lip service to the concept of freedom...much in the manner a pick-pocket working a subway train is very much in favor of the virtues of public transportation."

Nowruz, the feast of peace and purity

"On February 23, 2010, the United Nations General Assembly recognized March 21st as the International Day of Nowruz and called for increased international attention to this ancient Persian tradition which is now encompassing the whole Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasus and Black Sea Basin."

There is nothing ‘Divine’ about Haifa’s fire

"A fire that scorches the earth, no matter where, is detrimental to all humankind, regardless of who inhabits the land at that particular moment. Over 40 lives were lost, tens of thousands of people (including Palestinians living inside Israel) were evacuated from their homes and 12,500 acres (50,000 dunams) of greenery were reduced to ashes."



The price of Camp David

No beach for Palestinians

GOP and the Deepening Divide

Road Map

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