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What Ted Kennedy gave to me

"...I will remember Ted Kennedy, not only for what he has given to our nation, but what, in the most trying of times, he gave to me and my community--a restored sense of belonging."

Which university will step up and hire Dr. Norman Finkelstein?

"The university that hires Dr. Norman Finkelstein will honor itself by so doing. And their students will benefit and help make this world a better place because of studying under Dr. Finkelstein."

Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush: Two sides of the same...

"...Saddam Hussein was an Iraqi nationalist. He did not tolerate Al Qaeda or other foreign groups operating on his territory. Bush has made it possible for foreign fighters to enter Iraq, but not to fight Iraqi nationalists; only to fight the occupiers of Iraq and their sell-out stooges in the puppet government installed and abetted by the U.S."

Israel’s Double Standard

"If the United States wants to win this war on terrorism then getting tough with Israel would be the best step they could take. Politicallly, it is a hard choice, but ultimately a sensible and realistic one that would bring about true peace and justice in the Middle East."

The Fox Network as News/Entertainment Nexxus

"Some people call this sort of thing hypocrisy. Others call it capitalism. Whatever you call it, Fox sells it to a lot of viewers."



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