La Brea in Lebanon?

Conventional palentologic wisdom holds that the fabled tar pits of La Brea in Southern California were created as follows: the tar pits formed, a thin layer of water covered them, herbivores went out on the water and became entrapped, causing large predatiors (such as sabre-tooth tigers) to follow them out and become entrapped in turn. I’ve always wondered about this–you’d think normally cautious animals would realize that something was up after the first bunch went this way?

The reaction of some U.N. members and even "old Europeans" such as the French and Germans to the sudden "crisis in Lebanon" and the "evil Syrians" makes me think I have a new explanation for La Brea: mass insanity. Perhaps there was something in the water?

Syria has had the thankless task of keeping peace in Lebanon for over 15 years. Unlike the Israelis–who reportedly killed over 35,000 civilians and oversaw the massacre of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatilla camps–and the Americans, the Syrian presence has been successful. No massacres of Christians, Druze or Muslims. No civil war. Suddenly, a free election cannot be held in Lebanon unless the Syrian occupiers leave. The U.S. has certainly led by example in this regard!

Even Russia, which has sold the Syrians defensive weapons despite massive U.S. and Israeli pressure, seems to be wavering and is holding talks with Lebanses Druze leader Walid Jumblatt.

Just what can we expect in Lebanon after the evil Syrians leave? Probably an eventual resumption of civil war that will require a U.N. force to control. And this will place the troops (probably some French ones) that would not enter the Iraq quagmire into a slightly geographically removed one.

As for Jumblatt, one must remember that the Druze are cut from the same cloth as the anti-Islamic Fatemites and Assassins and trace their pedigree back to the gnostics and Kabbalism (source of the Templars and modern Freemasonic movements as well). They can–with the Christian militias–be expected to ultimately side with pro-Israeli forces in Lebanon. And this can be expected to produce further pressure to internally topple Assad in Syria.

Unlike many of the poor creatures whose bones make up the La Brea of today, those waiting to enter Lebanon will not have the excuse of having small brains or being prehistoric.