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The Most Dangerous Man in History

The most dangerous man in history might not be who you think it is. Not Caligula, Pinochet, or Ivan the Terrible. Not Hitler. Trump is...

Two views of the Labor Market in the deepening Recession

"It is tempting to think of employment and unemployment as mirror images of the same phenomenon, but doing so may easily mislead us."

Malpractice TV

"Never mentioned was the fact that 18,000 die in the US every year from lack of access to health care. How can 18,000 deaths be ignored - trivialized? That is like having a 9/11 every 60 days - but worse because we are doing it to ourselves."

An Informed Heart

"A visit to Google News to read headlines on the Gaza slaughter reveals the same distorted picture. Even "neutral" headlines and stories promote the twisted reality that Palestinians and Israelis share responsibility for the darkness. An endless stream of lies fills the air waves and Zionist apologists engage prejudices to promote their agenda."

Weapons of Hormonal Therapy

"A group of malcontents--okay, the government--published early findings from the Women's Health Initiative study and suddenly women didn't want to take Premarin and Prempro anymore. Just because it doubled their risk of breast cancer, heart disease and stroke!"



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