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West Braces for Clash of Cultures

"With the Muslim world in turmoil over the anti-Islam video and cartoons, Israel will be in a position to turn the situation to its own benefit, depict the Islamic world in a negative light with the help of western media and exploit the rift deepening between the Muslims and the West. These facts suggest that there are certain Zionist elements in the West which are fomenting Islamophobia in the world in order to bring about a lethal encounter between the East and the West and serve the interests of Israel in the long run."

Daddy, Where Do Taxes Come From?

"We've built a permanent military, as if we're always at war. And we've managed to usually be at war in one little country or another. Now, 57% of government spending (in President Obama's proposal for 2013) goes to wars and preparations for wars -- that is, if we don't count special programs that pay for themselves with special taxes of their own, like Social Security. Our country has 5% of the people in the world and over 50% of the war spending."

If not now then never – Wake-up Pakistanis

"The leader of the rising political party of Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pakistan Justice Party), Mr. Imran Khan announced that if the current rulers of Pakistan refused to follow the Supreme Court’s verdicts and trying to execute other measure which may over-rule the Court’ decision then he would ask the people of Pakistan to come out and stand behind the Courts of Justice. It is very visible now that if these rulers succeed in their plans then that will be an unrecoverable loss for Pakistan as it happened in the past in 1971 when Pakistan was broken into half."

Obama vs. Jobs; Hope vs. Reality

"The question is not whether we want to risk electing a racist buffoon to the imperial throne. The question is whether we want to join those who are making major sacrifices to occupy our city squares and move our entire culture and our entire government toward peace and justice instead of plutocracy and planetary collapse. Do we want to avoid a war on Iran before it happens or turn against it once we have a Republican president? Do we want to halt global warming or lament its advances later? Do we want to overthrow our financial oligarchy or hope it changes the appearance of the curtains behind which it works?"

The Silent Steel Resistance of Nabi Samuel

"...even the current inhabitants are finding it difficult to stay. With no space to expand or develop, their daughters are marrying more and more outside of Nabi Samuel and newlywed men are renting homes in nearby areas. But the people of Nabi Samuel will not give up without a fight. Those who have found a way to remain on their land will remain until death, they say."



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