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Where Will It All End?

This is Armageddon Summer in the northern hemisphere: out-of-control wildfires all around the Arctic Circle (not to mention California and Greece), weeks-long heatwaves with...

Battle for Democratic Party: After the Unity Reform Commission

With the Democratic Party's "Unity Reform Commission" now history, major political forces are entering a new stage of contention over the future of the...

Arab American Democrats in Charlotte

"This convention will be different. For Arab Americans, with our record breaking numbers, it will represent a "coming of age.” Our hard work and perseverance has brought us from exclusion to being respected and recognized as part of the mainstream of the Democratic Party."

Law unlikely to work

"Government and technology have been in a cat and mouse race for years and this race is unlikely to end with one piece of legislation or with willing website owners....The more difficult group, however, will be non-organised media owners, the public at large. As citizen journalism grows, it is highly unlikely that governments in Jordan or anywhere else will be able to stay ahead of determined people. Certainly not in the age of the Arab Spring for which people power using hand-held technologies succeeded where governments with powerful assets failed."

King’s new witch-hunt to evangelize US prison industrial system

"As human rights activists have noted, the US prison system has little to do with “rehabilitation” — rather, it focuses on punishment, disciplining bodies and creeds, which the mainstream society fears for some reason, into subjection. When multinational pillagers are walking free, it is safe to say that US prisons are more like pillories for fears, fantasies, and obsessions of other bodies in society, rather than the judicious exercise of law enforcement. Peter King wants to evangelize the suffering masses of the incarcerated, not to any one religion in particular, but to governmental power."



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