Culture of Death

By regulating or delegating through customs, fads, popular culture, etc. the relationships between men and women to that of recreation, entertainment and superficiality, and by eroding the most sacred physical and spiritual bonds of matrimony to that which is old-fashioned and irreverent, every means and method is put forth to place increased emphasis on the sex act and to strip away the structure within which the sex act should occur. A structure that should consist of love, respect, trust, loyalty. And to replace it with a mind conditioned to reduce one’ sexuality to the level of an animal, a wild beast, or a devil. Thus, every influence is brought to bear to encourage the permissiveness of the amoral sexual act while devaluing any positive and lasting relationship and/or children that may result from this experience. The prominence of contraceptive devices, abortion clinics, sterility procedures, along with the air of frivolity associated with sexuality are a few examp! les.

In fact, this culture of anti-life (posing under such catch-words as pro-life, free sex, and women’s liberation) are facilitated by powerful ruling cliques in American society who have an agenda to destroy the institution of family and to reduce the viability of substantial segments of the national (and world) population.

Apart from the assaults on family through the disrespect of marriage and the mockery of family values, we witness the manufacture and wide spread consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs, (illicit or "legal") pornography, violent games, decadent cinematic and media productions; while at the same time a systematic attack against values and principles that are the life blood of any progressive and truly civilized society. The values of chastity, honesty, compassion, moral conscious and accountability, and the pursuit and establishment of justice, balance, and truth.

Within our children are the seeds of our future, and children cannot flourish in an environment in which everything of lasting value takes a back seat to the endless and wanton pursuit (by parents, teachers, statesmen, doctors, educators etc) of cancerous pleasures and vices. And they cannot prosper in a society where marriage is sneered at, winked at, or considered restraining or old fashioned.

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is recorded to have said that marriage is half the faith and that one should fear Allah to complete the other half.

Marriage is crucial because it provides the best atmosphere for the cultivation and the development of children, as well as the most excellent setting for the actuation of the lofty potential in both a man and a woman. Indeed, Allah has decreed that men and women bond together within the structure of matrimony. This is not only the most excellent way, it is the only way. All other sexual couplings between men and women, are inherently invalid, deviant and destructive.