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Leave the Children Alone

"Unfortunately, Israel’s long-term plans include victimizing Palestinian children. According to Defense for Children International – Palestine Section, 105 children under 18 still remain in Israeli jails. Furthermore, the organization said that since 2008, it has documented 38 cases of children being held in solitary confinement. Children are routinely taken from their homes in the middle of the night, shackled, blindfolded and separated from their parents when interrogated."

The Republican Dilemma

"This highlights, more than anything, the GOP's dilemma: in a year they desperately want to win and feel they can win, their base has moved so far to the right, that they may end up choosing a candidate whose views do not reflect America's mainstream, and who is, therefore, unelectable."

The electronic media debate

"Media production is a complicated process that cannot be regulated or controlled by a law or a court decision. The best and most efficient way to ensure the success and continuity of Jordanian electronic media is self regulation and commitment to professional media standards."

What is the World Thinking?

"The whole world stands by and tacitly accepts Israeli carnage. The world sides with Goliath against David. It is tragic and heartbreaking to see the punishment of the innocent and the brutalizing of victims for no reason other than hatred."

We Don’t Need a War on Terrorism

"The counterproductive war on terrorism must end and we must motivate the local Pakistani government to catch the criminals that are harbored in its midst."



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