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Obama should stay clear from Mubarak’s final sins

"Mubarak decided to take a last stand at the expense of prolonging the suffering of his people, and potentially throwing the country and whole region into a great chaos. “I am also a man of the army,” who reminded his people, “and it is not in my nature to give up responsibility.”....President Obama should follow the lead of Senator John Kerry who demanded, in an op-ed published by the New York Times, that Mubarak steps down. Calling on the dictator of Egypt leave his office peacefully would not only save more lives, and would help distance the US from the final sins of a withering autocrat."

Israel can’t win a war against itself

Like the grotesque picture of Dorian Gray locked away in the attic, Israel gets uglier with each act of cruelty, and no amount of canned hasbara or phony “anti-Semitism” conferences can make it look pretty. What Israel was and what it did in 1948 is being revealed in what Israel is and is now doing. The reason Israel can’t hide from its history is that it has stagnated and history has caught up with it.

What is the World Thinking?

"The whole world stands by and tacitly accepts Israeli carnage. The world sides with Goliath against David. It is tragic and heartbreaking to see the punishment of the innocent and the brutalizing of victims for no reason other than hatred."

Nakba 60th year: Complex or Not – Solution is Simple

"A great deal of the confusion about the so-called “complex” nature of the conflict has been deliberately engineered by the apartheid state of Israel. This strategy, built around the exploitation of guilt on the issue of anti-semitism, has aided successive Israeli regimes to ignore, defy and manipulate all known conventions with the direct complicity of Western nations."

Can the death of two babies bring new life to their...

"The contemporary situation of Canadian native peoples is indeed complex. But as a nation of moral witnesses to the death of two innocent babies, can we make a difference that will give life back to their nation?"



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