“Arab Ummah” vs. Muslim Ummah

Arabs are frustratedé Arabs are mad é and Arabs are angryééé

Often ambiguous, but now a days Arabian mass media takes active participation in fostering emotional outbursts to quell the public disgust for Arab leaders inaction over Israelis transgression against the Palestinian population. Such media networks operate in the shadowy edifice of the oil exporting Arab countries, and have little to describe in rational context except displaying human feelings soon to be evaporated when another tragedy will awaken the ordinary Arabian folks.

Changing notions of editor’s perceptions, and live media commentators manipulate public opinions to lodge complaints to President Bush, son of Bush, as if President Bush is legally and morally responsible for their well being, both mental and physical. This serves twofold purpose: first it shows that the mass media is taking the issues; secondly, they indicate shifting responsibility for the crisis to foreign leaders, away from the Arab leaders facilitating a face saving opportunity. Arab mass media is glued to the palaces, not to voices of the people. Surely, President Bush is a marginal president in desperate need of some public affirmation to undo the marginal presidency and be recognized as an American statesman, if this expression should be used for him. Recently, he violated the limits of reason when he called Ariel Sharon as a “man of peace.” Nothing unusual, American leaders know how to fill-in the blanks in policy statements, and patch up left over puzzles if they concern the state of Israel or the Washington-based powerful Israeli lobby. Well, he is doing his job because he loves this job and he has worked hard to win a legal battle to occupy the White House against many odds, and most probably, he would like to remain there for another term of office. With rich family connections to the leading oil powerhouses, Bush sees issues in different economic and political perspectives. Security and oil power are at the top of his agenda. He waged war against Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden to ensure safety and control of future Caspian Sea oil supply and large natural gas reservoirs in Afghanistan. His obligations do not rest with any princely secrecy profile. His views and priorities are matched by actions and leadership role-play. But what about the office of your Leadership? Your President? Your Rulers? Wherever, you live in the Arab world. Do you have communication with your leader? How often your leader talks to you? Imagine, President Bush is available 24 hours a day, if his citizens are in trouble or in need of his help. Do you have any responsible leaders readily available to listen to your grievances or to console you when you are in dire need of some human touch in an unusual difficult situation? Remember, on September 11 incidents in New York and Washington, President Bush and the whole American political elite was there in person to stand by the victims of the disasters. Did any of your leaders dare to go to Palestine to see the sub-human living and politically tarnished conditions of the Palestinian people? Would any of your occupants of the palaces show courage to provide sense of moral and political security to the besieged Arab men, women and innocent children gutted under the Israeli curfews and tanks for months? Don’t you wonder, what is common between General Sharon and your leaders? When was the last time, you wrote to your President or leaders and you had an immediate response from the palace? Probably no statistic is available to answer this question.

Question needs frank answer, why do you travel over 12 thousands km to deliver letters to the American President? Bush and his State Secretary Colin Powell do not read letters but their advisors do, most happened to be Jews and committed supporters of Israel. Do you expect them to phone you back as they do to their own citizens who have elected them to the office? If you were to have an elected president or responsible leaders, don’t you think, they would be worried about you and the reasons for your madness and anguish? I know, you feel pain in your chest; more pinching in your heart but you go to see the medical doctor. Poor doctor is not equipped to diagnose your pain. It must be looked after by your leaders. Peace will not grow out of desert unless Arabs could come up with educated and intelligent leadership to balance the imbalance. Sharon needs a smart and action-oriented Arab leader to match him in thoughts and actions and strike a balancing act, otherwise, he has proven to be a superman, and so far untouchable even by Bush. Only a Muslim leader accountable to the Muslim Ummah, can and will cause uproars in Sharon’s dreams. General Sharon has no will power of his own, he relies heavily on American and British political and economic clouts, always available to guard Israeli strategic interests and priorities with NO QUESTION asked. Arabs never thought of any political or strategic plans to encounter the Israelis on the ground. There are NO Arab Armies to stand for Islam, nor challenge the Zionists occupation of Palestine. Arab armies are meant for palaces, not for the people. Whereas, every able Israeli body is trained and equipped to fight the Arabs. Have you been trained to defend yourself? Your Islam? Your values? If you are not, why not? When would you be ready to stand for what you believe in? Oil is non-stop flowing to the West, and Israelis are busy in unthinkable atrocities against the Palestinians. They want to push all the Palestinians to go somewhereéééésomewhere far away, they are unable to return, as Zionist did in 1948 and continue to do so to this day.

Ariel Sharon was elected by the Israelis, and he is doing his best to fulfill his mission and short and long terms goals. He enjoys displacement of Palestinians, and believes in killing the Arabs as he did throughout his life, and doing whatever his mission dictates him to do. No body is standing to pause his activities or even to question Sharon, even if he would wipe out all the Palestinians from their homeland. Do you have any leaders who could stand up and speak few words of common sense and wisdom to the besieged Palestinians? Do you have any representative in your society who could dare to say what the masses feel like under the present circumstances? “Jihad” is just an abstract myth, that most Sheiks use in midnight prayers and crying for the oppressed Palestinians, their day time routine is different. Prayers are offered to Allah, and most paid Arab Sheiks feel, they are doing the duty and mosques are well attended. While Zionists armies were busy in dismantling the public houses, torturing Palestinian school kids and killing any moving objects all over the occupied Palestine, your leaders were too busy not to talk about the oppressed people; they were busy in horse racing, football stadiums and enjoying open satellite dishes in secluded villas. Bush thinks of his constituents first because he is accountable to them. Do you have responsible leaders to think of you? It looks, they have no time for you or your political interests. Oil export is a blessed commodity providing lot of comforts and indifference to other humanity. You are no longer, what you think you appear to be, even if you are mad, even if you are angry. These are paper graphics, not your feelings or your spirit or your determination. Your body needs good time. Its soul has gone with the wind, long time ago when you started identifying yourself as an “Arab Ummah”, instead of a “Muslim Ummah.” You seem to have dismantled the very foundation of your life and values. You are a body without a soul. You do not see, and you do not hear anything except the 4 wheels drives rushing on public highways, violating the conventional speed limits. While police does not interfere with the law abusers, oil is still flowing to the West, and 4 wheel drives are running good in desert and on highways. Your leaders are happy, you are busy and productive without any major agitation, and of course, no agony or pain for the men, women, and innocent children being killed cold blooded by Israeli soldiers right in front of your eyes, right on your daily satellite dish screen. For your information, the Israeli weapons come from America, and weapons do kill Palestinians, but stones only hurt the armed Israelis, equipped with destructive weapons. Most Western observers speak of Israelis soldiers being sick, psychologically abnormal and deserting army duties, but most do stand on guard all the time, and their tanks do destroy the Palestinian homes, and the guns do kill the living ones. Israelis have waged ferocious war against the civilians population all over Palestine. Their goal is to destroy human habitat and Palestinian socio-economic infrastructures. Israelis do not long for peace, war to them is a lifeline, a means of survival and progress. They win all the time, Arabs lose all the time, and Arabs are use to it. Now, more than half a century later, Arabs want peace but Israelis know, war is the only viable strategy to flourish and occupy more Arab lands, even to the oil wells and oil and gas supply pipelines. Their plans are in place and working. Zionist book does not have any chapter written with peace. How naéve one could be when Zionists are warmongers, Arab League Ministers are preparing for peace talk. Could peace be sought from a position of political failures and military weaknesses? Israelis know well that Arabs are not One, and Islam is used as a cover-up, and Arabs have no leaders but followers of the West. Only Islam and One Muslim Ummah could challenge the Zionists and strike a military and political equilibrium, not the “Arab Ummah” and certainly not the borrowed weapons. West and Israelis are glued together by ideas, philosophy and ideals. Israelis of all political persuasions are One; and open to sharing ideas and actions to bring reality, but the irony is, where should the concerned Arab masses go to express their thoughts and frustrations? Arab intellectuals and societal leaders are prisoners in their homes. Arabs living in Israel are allowed to demonstrate, but Arab leaders forbid this citizens right of public expression in their own country. Israelis have systematic democracy and every few years leaders change. Could you express your opinions publicly and talk about changing your corrupted Presidents and Rulers? Old dummies are obsolete, you need a new beginning but you don’t know how and where to start it. Islam and Muslim Ummah are the point of reference, Arab Ummah will take you straight to Jahilaya é age of darkness.

When would you shun hypocrisy and come out crystal clear and see for yourself, what is wrong with your perception, your funny madness, and your pastime anger? But often you appear mad and angry when you play football games too, Americans don’t, they enjoy it. They know to play games with different nations. It is their history but what about your history? When would you be able to see that the problem rests with the incompetent and treacherous leaders of your own society? All Israelis are trained killers, they walk and sleep with machine guns. If America and their guns were not in Israelis hands, they will not dare to fight against you. America sharpens their courage and soul to fight for their survival, and they do. Your problem is different. You are too fatty, too comfortable, untrained to face the realities of the contemporary world. UN is a paper joke to the humanity é.humanity that looking for some sense of continued security and safe habitat. UN sanctioned the existence of the State of Israel and denied Palestinians their inborn rights. What good can be expected from a paper body, unless you are powerful enough to influence the outcome. You are made to THINK that foreigners will come to help you; not a chance except a transitory illusion subject to time and place. American change their tactics fast as they did in Vietnam, Korea and recently in Somalia, leaving behind every thing and saving their own lives and not the UN assigned mission. Over half a century has gone by, Arabs seem to have no plans, and no thinking to extend security or any sense of it, to you any time, sooner or later. All Zionists including Ariel Sharon know their role and obligations and are well disciplined to meet those undertakings? Have you ever thought of asking from your leaders, what have you done for the Arabs? What have you done to protect the interest of Islam? If you do not claim to be Muslim, then there is no problem, have peace and enjoy your life. If you are a Muslim, President Bush thinks, you are a “terrorist” and Sharon believes in it and takes action to do the job é “ethnic cleansing” in Palestine. Zionists are trained killers, and they love to kill the Arabs because this way, they will control the whole of the Palestine. They are not familiar with “peace”, so how could one talk about peace with Zionists, when they don’t have it and they do not wish to long for it? World observers describe Arab leaders as “defeated” cronies who capitalize on inflicted miseries of the masses to build palaces and to increase foreign bank balances. Is it possible that the defeated parties could pressure the victors? Or demand favorable terms and conditions on issues which involve life and death questions? Israelis of all persuasions are ONE and committed strong and aggressive. Allah made you a Muslim “Ummah”, but you insist on becoming an Arab “Ummah”, reverting to the age of ignorance. Islam bestowed honor and success on the faithful believers. When you discarded Islam, you left behind all its merits and claims. Your leaders believe, you are an economic man and women like the Western cultures, they work to earn, you consume fatty dinners and enjoy 4 wheels cruiser without working for it. Your enemies are happy; you are true believers in progressive economic myths and life styles. But your leaders are without followers, without sense of responsibility or guilt. Most Western political analysts believe, Arab leaders hardly bother to use their brain; it is always new and fresh like a baby.

Could you please write and tell your leaders? How they are and what they should be? If you cannot, please do not waste your time and energy in writing letters to President Bush or criticizing Ariel Sharon, let them do their job. There should be no apathy to be mad or angry, a Muslim is rational and intelligent. Please tell fellow Muslims, when would you be ready to do your job? And your role-play as a Muslim? You can make the difference, the moment you realize your own history, who you wereéééand where you are? “Arab Ummah” of the dead past, or a living Muslim Ummah with promising future!

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