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What a week for the New Troika!

This past week has been a very exciting week globally. At home, in the USA, there was the much-anticipated House hearing of Michael Cohen, President...

Pakistan: Elections or Revulsion against Hall of Shame

Are the Pakistanis living in a Fantasy World? The logic of July 25 parliamentary elections in Pakistan is questionable as being a ceremonial stunt to...

Legacy of Sam Nzima’s Iconic Photo Will Live On In Palestine

Nothing could illustrate the stark contrast between a post-1994 democratic South Africa and Israel's apartheid structures than the iconic photo of Hector Pieterson. The picture...

The United Nations at crossroads while warriors are destroying the humanity

Is the United Nations (UN) there to Protect the Beleaguered Humanity? Over seventy years of its existence, the United Nations should have been enriched with...

Kashmiris will never abandon the demand of Aazaadi

Once again, Kashmir is living proof that it is not going to compromise, far less abandon, its demand for Aazaadi (freedom) which is its...



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