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Tyranny against Humanity: Human Rights and Global Politics

The tyranny of human rights violations - planned and alleged goes unabated across the globe. Late American historian Howard Zinn must have sensed the...

Myanmar Muslims suffering amid media blackout

The mainstream media in the West have been largely silent about the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar and the ordeal that has befallen them. They have found other interesting topics to give coverage to, and as always, bigotry against Muslims hardly moves them....Along with the mainstream media, the Western governments have also blatantly turned a blind eye to the heartrending anguish and suffering of the Rohingya Muslims. Even the renowned Burmese political activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi who has been released from house arrest and was just invited to Norway to deliver her Nobel acceptance speech 21 years after being awarded the prize preferred not to speak a single word about the unspeakable affliction of her fellow citizens....The conscious people around the world, however, should realize that coming to the help of a subjugated minority that is undergoing excruciating hardships is a moral responsibility and although the so-called international community is silent about the inhumane massacre of Muslims in Myanmar, each of us can lend a hand in putting an end to their suffering.

Pakistan Day – Strange March 23 Celebrations: Nation to See the...

"Pakistan and its moral, political and intellectual culture is being ruined and destroyed by those rulers who share nothing in-common with the masses. The princely rulers and the ordinary folks live far part in conflicting time zones, unable to find a meeting ground, and people paying for their own pains and anguish under the false pretext of democracy. Obsessed with foreign-thinking and control, morally and intellectually incompetent and money-making Generals support and co-exist with the most corrupt and foreign dictated PPP Zardari regime and the bogus assemblies - all demonstrate perpetuated indifference, cruelty and sadistic behavior toward the interests and priorities of the Muslim Nation of Pakistan. Come to the present and see the mirror - how Pakistan is being governed by the wrong people, with wrong thinking and doing the wrong things. Continued daily bloodbaths of the innocent civilians triggered by political terrorism, US drone attacks, militarization, destroyed commerce and trades and non-productive economic culture have incapacitated the operational body of Pakistan. Its existence and freedom are under fire. The THINKING people of the nation must initiate planned steps and organize revulsionary collective ideas and ideals to deter threats to the national freedom, integrity and future of Pakistan. The priorities must be focused on developing a new system of economic and political governance by disconnecting the interdependence on foreign aid, debts and dictates. The nation has been dehumanized to its critical and painful juncture of very survival. Under the circumstances, what is there to celebrate a Pakistan Day? The symbolic Pakistan Day celebrations will remain devoid of much needed change and reformation goal of the institutionalized corrupt system of governance. Pakistan is in desperate need of political Change and a New Political System of governance befitting to its people and values to ensure a sustainable future."

Celebrating International Women’s Day

"The Quran terms both the male and the female on the same level equal in the spiritual field and it never considers the female as inferior to the male. She can surpass the male in earning the virtues and the beneficence through her spiritual struggle and ‘taqwa.’ The western view about the female is quite different rather conflicting to that of Islam. These two views are to be studied in light of the mindset of the West and the teaching of Islam respectively....Islam recognizes all the human beings equal, on the basis of birth since all human race is the progeny of the same parents i.e. Adam and the Eve. Perfect equality has been guaranteed as there is no superiority for anybody on the basis of sex, race, creed or color and ethnicity. We therefore, claim that Islam gives universal recognition to the equality of human beings on the social level."

Global Peace and Conflict Management – Man in Search of New...

"In its search for change and movement to progressive future-making, the global mankind is oppressed by systematic ignorance, intransigence and arrogance of the few affluent class of people managing the global institutions, militarization and governance - the perverted insanity lacking basic understanding of the Human Nature and of the working of the Universe in which we enjoy coherent co-exist. Animals do not commit massacre of their kind and species, nor set-up rape camps for the war victims, the Western led wars against the humanity have and continue to do so at a global scale without being challenged by any global organizations or leaders. Torture and massacres of innocent civilians are convenient fun games to be defined as “collateral damage” and a statistic. Perhaps, they view humanity just in digits and numbers, not as the living entities with social, moral, spiritual and intellectual values and progressive agendas for change and development. Every beginning has its end. It is just that most powerful nations have failed to learn from the living history- a slap to EH Carr’s precious thoughts of human history."



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