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The Martin Luther King Jr. We Should Remember

On April 4th, we commemorated the anniversary of the assassination of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Although it's been 50 years since that...

Muslim leadership failed to mobilize support against triple talaq bill

It is not realistic that a fight or a contest will be won by both or all the contesting parties simultaneously. The stronger, the...

Arab World: Rescuing People from Insanity of Wars to Future-building

Arab Masses Victims of the Modern Warfare Truth is One, not many. The Western leaders propelled by the ambiguous animosity of ‘the clash of civilizations’...

Separation is Beautiful

JUST IMAGINE: A new movement among the Mizrahim is born in Israel. It declares that all the existing organizations of Mizrahim (Oriental Jews) are phony....

Celebrating Iqbal’s Birthday

"Not being a practical politician himself, it was the genius of the Allama who not only ‘discovered’ the most appropriate person for the job in the person of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the man to become the future Quaid-e-Azam of the nation. He gave Mr. Jinnah the realization that he had the competence of doing that Himalayan task and would come up to the expectation of the Muslims of the Subcontinent. It is incumbent upon each one of us who enjoys a free life in a free environment of a free country should be deeply obliged to that great man of our history."



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