America’s oxymoron

We must kill to save lives

We must wage war for peace

We must use weapons of mass destruction to eliminate weapons of mass destruction

We come in peace; we will kill the enemy

We will liberate Iraq; we will occupy Iraq

We want to protect Iraq by disarming it

We will install democracy in Iraq

We are circumventing the UN to uphold UN resolutions

The war is going as planned –it might take longer than expected

God is on our side and this crusade against Arab-Muslims is not a crusade against Muslims

The Jewish state is a democracy

Ariel Sharon is a man of peace

Moderate Arab regimes

Surgical strikes kill innocents

Bin Laden is a freedom-fighter (1980s); Bin laden is a terrorist (2001)

Saddam is a ally (during Iran-Iraq war); Saddam is an enemy (post Iran-Iraq war)

Mr. Baha Abushaqra is a Media Activist with Palestine Media Watch.