Why Does Israel Want A U.S. War With Iraq?

There is no country in the world that yearns for the US to go to war with Iraq more than Israel. They even pay PR firms to promote this agenda in the media. What is behind Israel’s passion for having Americans march off to war?

On first blush one might think it is because Iraq poses a threat to Israeli security. But no military analyst believes that Iraq could do much in the way of attacking Israel. They do not share a border with them and Jordan is not likely to allow Iraqi tanks to cross its border to attack Israel. Iraq does not have an air force. What missiles they have are generally ineffective and Israel has all the firepower to repel any attack. As one Israeli military analyst said, “We don’t lose sleep over Iraq’s military threat to us.”

If Israel is not worried about Iraq’s military capabilities, why all the PR? The reason is rather simple. Israel pines for a role in the New World Order. Trying to find a place in the New World Order is a preoccupation for most countries in the world. Remember, President GW Bush stated clearly “you are either with us or against us.” This has countries all over the globe trying to find a way to be “with us.”

Israel is not therefore alone in this desire. In the past, it was easy for it to align with US interests. There is a new global realignment taking place and Israel is having a hard time finding a seat at the table. Plainly stated, their interests and the New World Order are at odds. And this means that Israeli interests and American interests are diverging. US interests and the New World Order are interchangeable phrases.

After the collapse of the Soviet Empire, Israel no longer was needed to be a bastion against Soviet expansion. Its service to the US has been declining ever since. As the US forged new and special relationships with Arab countries, Israel lost its exclusive role of “US ally” in the Middle East. There are many entities in the region lining up to replace Israel in this regard.

Israel’s role in the Middle East was largely to help stabilize certain regimes that served US economic interests. To do this, they would make their vast intelligence assets available to America.  But the New World Order has a different operative plan than the post-WW II  US plan that used Israel to promote its agenda.

The continued Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has become a destabilizing factor in the entire Middle East and even larger Muslim world. Israel is now a liability in the region and truly disrupts the New World Order. Its continued oppression of the Palestinian people is a time bomb that can only lead to chaos, not order.

Why is Israel at odds with the New World Order?

In 1991, when George W. Bush’s father ushered in the New World Order, Israel was the odd country out. There was no place for it any more. The US coalition in the Gulf War did not need Israel to accomplish its goals. In fact, Israel was an unwanted complication to the New World Order. Israel had no role to play.

Equally problematic for Israel is its reliance on the anachronistic ideology of Zionism. The modern intellectual roots of Zionism are founded in ethnic nationalism. This formed the basis of ethnic laws promoted by fascists, Nazis, segregated countries like South Africa and of course is the basis of Israel as a nation.

The New World Order is about globalization and internationalism, not ideologies that confer rights based upon ethno-nationalism. Israel’s raison d’etre is therefore opposed in principle to the New World Order.

In the New World Order, Israel HAS NO ROLE TO PLAY.

This leads to the answer as to why Israel pays certain American journalists to call for war… and why they pay PR firms to promote an agenda that inflames public opinion. Israel NEEDS a role to play and what they pine for is a recurrent conflict between the US and Islamic countries. If this can be accomplished, then Israel can assume a role in the Middle East as the bastion against Islamic extremism.

Even though Iraq is not considered an extremist Islamic state, a war between the US and Iraq will undoubtedly increase the ire and enmity between the US and Muslim world. This enmity is the breeding ground of extremism. Israel knows this. Israel is the beneficiary of this enmity because it can then, AND ONLY THEN, have a role to serve US interests or its other name, the New World Order.

Without a role serving the New World Order, Israel is in danger of becoming irrelevant and cast aside. Most critics of Israel have historically misunderstood how Israel served US interests in the past. That is why most Israeli critics miss how Israel no longer serves those interests.

Israel has understood its historic role and is frantic to find a way to serve those interests once again. Israelis in-the-know understand that their existence depends upon US largesse. Alliances change. Interests always trump alliances.

Oh yes, one other thing. The US promised a $10 billion aid package to Israel should they go to war with Iraq. No war-no aid. Just another incentive for Israel to pine for the war. $10 billion is approximately 10% of its entire GNP.

This is just what the Israeli economy needs because it has been neglected by its American sponsor. Israelis do not view their economic woes as benign neglect. They privately mutter about Washington not bailing their economy out. They understand full well that without finding a way to ally with US interests, it may not survive as presently constituted. War between Iraq and the US remains their number one goal.

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