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Wife Beating, Secular Feminism and Sharia

"Media analysis is often tacit; by dropping hints of religious or ethnic background of the perpetrator, and selectively citing out other similar cases it paints a general picture, indicating the source of the problem. For sure, that would have been the case, had the man been of a foreign complexion with a name like Ahmed, instead of Shane; the Islamophobes and closet racists would have argued that this wife-beating episode is another example proving that it is an Islamic phenomenon. Such Melanie Phillips like analysis usually gets endorsed by nasty comments found below it."

Nuclear assassinations just the tip of the iceberg

"While the hawks in Washington have already declared a nuclear war on Iran in a metaphoric sense i.e. the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists, some of them avail themselves of a kind of literature in their reference to the nuclear assassinations which indicates the abyss of human degeneration. An impetuous example of this was reflected in a video circulated on the internet in which Rick Santorum, who is a sad excuse for a human being and a politically bankrupt White House aspirant, has unfeelingly described the assassination of Iranian scientists as “wonderful.”

The fate of two political systems and America’s decline

"America had no intention of dismantling the despotic regimes; rather she sought to place her own agents to administer them while making false pretences about delivering freedom and democracy around the world. America, armed with the “Truman Doctrine” proceeded to deprive the Arab world freedom from tyranny and the ability to rule for themselves. She covertly buttressed these regimes to keep the Arab population imprisoned and subdued. But in 2011, popular revolts erupted throughout the region that removed a few tyrants and destabilised the political order America had so painstakingly put together over past decades."

Academic Freedom: The Fall of the Last Bastion of Democracy

"Baylor's Board of Regents has a responsibility and obligation to uphold the University's mission to its students, its faculty, and its national and international outreach to uphold Professor Marc Ellis' absolute right as a tenured Professor and American citizen to exercise his constitutionally guaranteed free speech and his academic responsibility to provide his students and society at large with opposing and dissenting views on Israel or any other issue."

Coming Home

"Now the hotel has been reduced to rubble to make way for one of Irving Moskovitch's projects in Arab Jerusalem, which is the construction of 20 Jewish only luxury homes. The move was met with condemnation by the European Union and even the United States not to mention the ire of the Palestinians. But the fact remains that on the ground, until these powers actually do something to stop the demolitions and take over, there is less and less room for the Palestinians. And this, we all know, is exactly what Israel wants."



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