What is the Congress smoking?

Congresspersons are arguing against posting a date of departure for U.S. troops from Iraq on the grounds that the enemy will just wait us out and take over after we leave. They claim it would be surrender and that we would lose the war.

Yes. Isn’t that perfectly obvious?

Didn’t the Baker Commission say that there is no military solution to the situation in Iraq? This is another way of saying that we lost. We sent in thousands of troops, killed thousands of Iraqis and have never controlled the country or attained our stated objectives. It means we lost. Why not just admit it? Why not say it was a stupid, illegal mistake and move on?

Why not save the lives of American troops from further, unnecessary casualties by recognizing the obvious and removing them from harm’s way sooner, rather than later.

We cannot own Iraq because Iraqis will not allow us to own them and will resist us until they bleed us dry of manpower and treasure. The same is true of the Afghans.

The truth is that both the Iraq and the Afghan war were planned before 9/11/01 as means of controlling the supply and transport of Persian Gulf and Central Asian oil. We lied about our objectives, and the whole world knows it. The U.S. Congress continues to live in a land of Make Believe.

The Congress continues to attempt to mislead and deceive the U.S. public, including those congresspersons who claim to favor withdrawal.

They talk of withdrawing "combat troops."

They do not talk about total withdrawal.

They do not talk about shutting down all military bases, including air bases.

The congress is lying and Americans are dying.