US soldiers desecrate the Holy Qur’an in Iraq

According to an AFP report, U.S. troops stationed in Iraq have desecrated a copy of the Holy Qu’ran. The news report refers to an incident outside the Iraqi Oil Ministry in Baghdad, where Muslim employees have repeatedly objected to being body-searched by American soldiers accompanied by sniffer dogs.

Amal Karim informed soldiers that her bag contained a copy of the Holy Qu’ran. Despite her pleas, a soldier grabbed her bag and hurled her Qu’ran to the ground.

Many angry Iraqi employees, who witnessed the unprovoked attack, remonstrated with the US soldiers and demanded that US troops leave and be replaced with Iraqi security.

Iqbal Jassat, chairperson of the Media Review Network, a Pretoria-based Muslim advocacy group has condemned the barbaric behaviour of soldiers of the American occupying army.

According to Jassat, “The desecration of the Holy Qu’ran is yet another manifestation of barbarism which is associated with the illegal occupation of Iraq by the US government. This blatant abuse of power and flagrant violation of human rights has become intolerable and inexcusable.” He called on the American government to immediately evacuate from all the occupied territories of Iraq.