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A serious challenge

"...we will all fall once again into the Israeli trap of resuming negotiations for the sake of negotiations, which Israel uses to shield itself as it continues to consolidate its illegal occupation through settlement construction. Indeed, even the Quartet seemed to acknowledge this danger when it stated in the same document that, "meeting, in itself, will not re-establish the trust necessary for such a negotiation to succeed."

Let the suffering end

"Ending this conflict would require a release of all prisoners. In the meantime, the priority is to start a process of gradually reducing the number of prisoners in Israeli jails, including a possible negotiated exchange that would release Shalit. This should also include the easing of conditions for Palestinian prisoners and their families, who are subject to humiliating treatment and sometimes deprived of visits."

Israel’s has no right to defend the indefensible

"Israel...Violates International Law, the Geneva Conventions and over 60 UN Security Council resolutions demanding the return of stolen lands and Human Rights....Ignores the ruling of the International Court of Justice on the Apartheid Wall...Dismisses with contempt recommendations by special rapporteurs like Professors Dugard, Falk and Justices Richard Goldstone and Navi Pillai..."

Academic Scholarship – A missing link at University of Pretoria?

"In light of the stand taken by academics from Harvard, students at UP have now raised the question of academic integrity. Do UP scholars, academics and alumni subscribe to and manifest such integrity or is it masked under red tape and fear of reprisals? Often silence on an injustice can be translated as consent. In all fairness, considering the context of academic development and transformation in SA, one should also be willing to ask - Is it silence or is it a question of being silenced?"

Hate Preachers

"The long-term solution to terrorism lies not in Guantanamo Bay or British prisons, but in education – education about other religions, tolerance, free speech, the history and the respect for human life."



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