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Punishing the Democratic Party Leadership by Voting for Bush

"Perhaps Democrats and Progressives should punish the Democratic Leadership for proposing Bush Light by voting for Bush himself. Perhaps the leadership needs to be taught a lesson."

US soldiers desecrate the Holy Qur’an in Iraq

"Amal Karim informed soldiers that her bag contained a copy of the Holy Qu’ran. Despite her pleas, a soldier grabbed her bag and hurled her Qu’ran to the ground."

Bukusu Tribe is overlapping

"It is hardly a week when the eighth Vice President of Kenya the Late Michael Christopher Wamalawa Kijana was buried in his farm in Kitale Western Kenya."

Song To My Brother

Do you remember When we first played together? When you first came to our land? We welcomed you We lived in peace. We played together We grew up together We tilled...



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