The World must denounce US power phobia

There is no more disparity among the European and Eastern capitals except the two knots of the US, the UK and Australia – who unfortunately failed to maintain yet their own vision of world politics but to follow Washington DC blindly – on the issue that going to war in Iraq is not just the only option. Today, not only the Muslim world; Russia, France, Germany and China also feel the hidden intentions of Bush administration behind the sale of war on Iraq on the name of disarming Iraq from weapons of mass destruction. Leaving the Afghan crises still in a mess with no findings of Osama Bin Laden whose extinction was the prime motive of Mr. Bush in invading Afghanistan with the support of US allies. Knowingly that attack on Iraq could transform the entire Middle East and Gulf regions into the devastating battlefields that may result the obvious deaths of uncountable innocent lives; US again wants to drag her friends & allies into another military adventure to eliminate her old ally Saddam Hussain. Despite the fact that United Nation through its inspectors has been working very delicately in implementing the security council resolution 1441 to disarm Iraq from its weapons of mass destruction through a peaceful and systematic process and the inspectors are making progress in achieving the desired results, Mr. Bush is continuously piling-up his military arsenals around Iraq and is desperate to take control of Iraq. After the unfinished agenda of Osama Bin Laden, Mr. Bush is now after Saddam Hussain. Is Saddam Hussain beside Osama Bin Laden also so dangerous and threat for the peace of the world? Well, the answer perhaps leads to another question – who could know more than the US about Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden as both are the production of US and both were the heroes of US in the missions of destroying Iran and disintegrating Soviet Union – Saddam Hussain used to be a highly admired man of the United States during Iraq-Iran ten years war and notably Rumsfield was the in-charge of the operation on supply the weapons to Iraq. Similarly Osama Bin Laden was the vanquisher of ten years Afghan war against Soviet Union. The recent growing opposition by France and Germany prove that these traditional allies of US are now summing-up what have they achieved from providing 100% support to US in Afghanistan that was proclaimed by Mr. Bush as elimination of Osama and his Al-Quaeda network as after 2 years the Bush administration still claims Osama and Al-Quaeda as the biggest threat. To what extent their forces will remain in Afghanistan to provide the safety to Mr. Karzai who is still confined in Kabul and is unable to gain any prominent support from the other provinces of Afghanistan and as for as Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar, God knows, are they dead or alive preparing to comeback to Kabul.

Ruling the world either by military might or controlling others’ resources are the global agenda of United States. History shows that in this game, US has used her friends & allies at the forefront to minimize the counts on human lives and war overheads which may otherwise result the heavy domestic opposition.

Forcing other states to follow Washington’s will either by threat of power or economic isolation; or by offering bribes in the shape of monetary and financial aids; creating fears on the name of religious terrorism are the key tactics of US in dividing and ruling the world. The one who only  thinks about our interest means a Friend, Enemy means the one who doesn’t care about us but may be good for the rest, Terrorist means the one who terrorizes us but may be nice with others that is how US defines its relations. What has US achieved carrying the policy of unilateralism and superciliousness é more friends or enemies. Likewise, what has US given to the world from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam to Haiti, Libya, Somalia and Palestine in the last 50 years or so; the fear of insecurity among the weaker, aggravation among the poor, hatred among the depressed? USA is the only country who practically used the nuclear weapon on the innocent civilians of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. USA is the only country dropped thousands and thousands of napalm bombs which left millions of children and old aged innocents either dead or burned in Vietnam. 

The current intentions of US to attack Iraq aiming to control the Middle Eastern oil resources once and forever and provide the security and supremacy to Israel over Arabs will bring the entire region into a never ending war of terrorism. That may benefit to US in fulfilling her agenda but will never provide any benefit to the rest of the world.

This is the time when European, Asian and Russian powers must unite to maintain the supremacy of United Nations and to maintain peace in the world. Particularly, Russia, France and China being the permanent members of the Security Council must feel their responsibilities to maintain the stability and equality in the world and force US to back down from her madness of war phobia. In this regard, one must appreciate the current role and firm stand of France against the US aggressions on Iraq. In the recent statement at the Security Council meeting the French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said, ‘Let us give the UN weapons inspectors time.. A premature recourse to the military option would have heavy consequences‘. Mr. Dominique’s action on the issue is at the very right time, the most appropriate, well in demand and very encouraging in maintaining the peace in the region. Today, the world needs this type of firm stand against US egotistical approach to make US understand that the world needs peace, equality, democracy and harmony not war, supremacy, dictatorship and hatred. This the time for the other powers of the Europe, Asia and the Muslim world to support and stand with France. This the time, when these countries must stand firmly against US unilateral approach against the weak nations. This is time when for the sake of maintaining the supremacy of United Nation and the stability in the world these powers must force US to go along with others valuing UN and Security Council.  

The ongoing peace rallies and demonstration around the world in millions substantiate that the majority in this world including in people in US without the discrimination of religion and race wants peace not war. US who claims to be a believer of democracy must watch the millions of marches on the streets of every city in the world and must accept the voice of the majority. One can hardly present any historical reference where the war has resolved any conflict. No one likes war except those few power-greedy sitting in Washington. The war is the showdown of all kinds of terrorism. The people around the world from every race, religion and colour must unite and devote their time to demonstrate the supremacy and values of the peace and condemn those who trying to sell war in different parts of the world for their own vested interest. This world needs peace no war.

The writer is a Sydney-based freelance journalist and a political analyst.