The "Wartime President" Vacations (Again) While Troops Redeploy and Die


George W. Bush loves being a wartime president. You can just tell by the way he struts around like a bantee rooster as if he rose his way through the ranks and likes being commander-in-chief.

The seriousness of the wartime situation is used to keep National Guard and Army Reserve and active Army families separated for multiple deployments and redeployments for years, while the president tells the troops they are fighting for "democracy and freedom". The troops sacrifice income, family life, and their lives for this war. And the President goes on vacation, again.

This is not unlike the actual military career of President Bush when he was a young airman in the Air National Guard during a previous war, the Vietnam War.

Airman Bush didn’t sacrifice much during that war, either. In fact, it appears that he came and went as he wished, vacationed from military duties while doing lightweight political duties for family political friends, and enjoyed himself with plenty of booze and maybe even cocaine. The Vietnam War was a pleasant time for George W. Bush, just like the War on Terror is now.

President Bush does not have to worry about car bombs and rocket propelled grenades. He doesn’t even have to worry about any of his family not coming home from the war, because his family is safe and sound in the States, including daughters, nephews, and nieces. He doesn’t even have to sacrifice his devotion to bicycle riding, running, and other forms of physical exercise while running the war from Washington. And he certainly doesn’t lose any sleep over the war.

Bush not only doesn’t sacrifice during wartime, he really doesn’t care about the ramifications of sending America’s young soldiers off to die as cannon fodder for his expansion of empire. Bush doesn’t visit military hospitals or graves or funerals. He doesn’t mope about the sacrifices he asks others to give. He doesn’t REALLY care about the maimed men with missing limbs and bruised brains and horrific psychological injures lying at Walter Reed Hospital. After all, investments through warmongering are paying off nicely. Life is comfortable and very good for George W. Bush. He even has good, honorable men like Karl Rove and Scott McClellan to keep him company.

It’s easy to be a wartime president and take five weeks off your easy schedule in Washington to go back to Crawford and bond with your Texas constituency. Put another brisket on the Barbie, pop the top on another Lone Star beer, and ask Karl Rove who he’s screwed lately. That’s the good life for George W. Bush while George Q. Soldier is off suffering and dying to pay for the Bush good life. Well, somebody’s got to pay for it.