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The Semantics of Terrorism, Guerilla Warfare, Enemy Combatants, and War for...

"Business is very good these days in the "war on terror", though the human cost is very high."

The "Wartime President" Vacations (Again) While Troops Redeploy and Die

"President Bush does not have to worry about car bombs and rocket propelled grenades. He doesn't even have to worry about any of his family not coming home from the war, because his family is safe and sound in the States, including daughters, nephews, and nieces. He doesn't even have to sacrifice his devotion to bicycle riding, running, and other forms of physical exercise while running the war from Washington. And he certainly doesn't lose any sleep over the war."

Is the bond of military brotherhood an intrinsic justifier for war?

"This is a war and occupation based on repeated, sustained lies. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There was no imminent threat to American security to Iraq."

Barbarians outside the Gates of Fallujah and Inside the Washington DC...

"It is time to pray for justice. Only justice can bring peace. Only justice can heal oppression. Love of justice must be based on love of truth, and truth is in short supply in the land of the barbarians."

Why Waziristan cannot be conquered

"Beware of despising the tribals. They brought both Muslim and non Muslim Emperors to grief whether it was Jahangir, Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb, Ranjit Singh or the British king."



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