The Siamese Triplets who prefer all-out War to Limited Peace

Cease-fires are no longer acceptable to the Siamese Triplets, who are joined at the hip. Condoleeza Rice is joined at the hip with George Bush and at the other hip with Ehud Olmert and they are all warmongers who are pursuing a consistent scorched earth policy of No Justice, No Peace, No Cease-fire.

These people have access to military advisers, who surely know that there is no military solution to Hezbollah or even to Hamas. You cannot kill the desire for justice in an oppressed population, such as the dispossessed Palestinian community. As long as Palestinians suffer and are dispersed and dispossessed, they will yearn and they will fight for peace and justice and organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah will work for those people and cannot be eradicated by military means.

So, the warmongering Siamese triplets have a new strategy, which is even more violent, and sadly, more counterproductive and self-destructive than even past policies. Now the plan is to literally scorch the earth under the feet of the neighbors, the innocent sympathizers or even non-sympathizers who live in close proximity to the oppressed ones. The idea is that if the existence of the oppressed Palestinians causes grief to their neighbors, the neighbors will use their own personal discomfort to control and negate the activism of the Palestinians.

Thus, no cease-fire, no peace; not even of limited duration for the time being. A great lesson is being attempted — to the Lebanese the lesson is: "See what grief those Palestinians are bringing you! Don’t blame Israel — we are only acting in self-defense!"

But it will not work. The Arabs of the world know that Israel is not their friend and is not acting legitimately in self-defense. Self-defense could mean an eye for an eye, but not a town for an eye. There is something far beyond self-defense occurring in Lebanon, and it will have ramifications for untold generations to come.

Clearly, the Israelis and the American government are counting on maintaining "full spectrum dominance" in a military sense for generations to come. But domination of a piece of ground, which can be gained by the application of military doctrine and hardware, is not the same as domination of a people, who cannot be won over by brute force.

Colonized and oppressed peoples have defeated militarily superior foes throughout history. The Vietnamese cast off first the French and then the Americans. The Indians cast off the British, as did the Kenyans and the Americans cast off the British with the use of guerilla warfare tactics.

The Palestinians are extremely resilient people and they are not going away. The Palestinians will one day be rewarded for their endurance, but more suffering will occur by them and even because of them as long as the Siamese triplets are willing to engage in all-out war in order to scorch the earth in their misguided orgy of destruction.