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Kashmir: A Classic Case For Self-Determination

As the time-honored adage advises, to every complex problem there is a simple solution, but it is wrong. I do not bear simple...

Futile war without political horizon

"While Israeli occupation and colonial settlement activities have made the two state solution more and more remote from a Palestinian perspective, it still holds the most appropriate and acceptable political solution to this century old conflict. The re elected US president, his UN representative and the US congress should support the vote for Palestine rather than buy the Israeli claims that their offensive war on Gaza is merely an act of self defense."

Confessions of a Drone

"I began to think that humans have fear, and that lacking fear is what makes drones like me better warriors than humans. But that idea had to be revised when I was told that one of my pilots had been fearless. I was told that, right after he disappeared. I was told that he had ended his own life. He had made himself cease to exist. If he'd had no fear, then it was something else that had been causing him to malfunction in certain circumstances. What was it?"

Congress Finally Finds Its Purse

"This contest may determine the future of US warmaking more than the also important question arising this month of whether Obama will withdraw a serious number of troops from Afghanistan. And this contest may be something of a last chance. If Congress folds on this one, there aren't too many ledges left for it to grab as it plummets into irrelevance. And if Ohio Republicans have their way, Kucinich's district will cease to exist in 2013, leaving Congress with a significant courage deficit. Now is a moment to speak up for the Constitution, representative government, peace, justice, fiscal responsibility, and the lives of Libyans not yet hit by Obama's non-hostile missiles."

Obama’s Libya Defense Makes Bush’s Lawyers Look Smart

"Whatever the president's "foreign affairs powers" may be, they do not, under the U.S. Constitution, include the power to launch "military operations" or "hostilities" or "wars." Nor has the distinction between "military operations" that involve what ordinary humans call warfare (blowing up buildings with missiles) and "hostilities" that qualify for regulation under the War Powers Resolution been previously established. This distinction is as crazy as any that have come out of U.S. government lawyers in the past."



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