The shortest distance between two points is a straight line

I started my Sunday with two stories of brutality of the Israeli forces; one  against Palestinian  children walking peacefully with their mother, which  will probably never hit your media.  And the other against an Israeli peace  activist, Nita Golan.  But then a fresh breeze of hope arrived with the story of the reservist  Ishai Rozen-Zvi who refuses to take part in occupation.

A few weeks ago there was a similar story of Gabi Wolfe.   It is indeed  these Israeli voices that should be heard loud and clear so as to prick the  conscience of the Israeli government which has led its  people to believe  that security can only be guaranteed with  an iron fist and acquisition of  more and more land until the sky only is the limit for the Israeli border.  So by the time I was through with reading my e-mail I did not have the  stomach to go to church.  I know my faith has sustained me all through those  difficult times, but sometimes it becomes very difficult to face the Lord  with too many Why’s.  I remembered my friend Linda Sheppard the wife of a  Presbyterian Pastor who wrote to me once during the Gulf War on a Sunday morning when she opted to sit and write rather than to go to church.

Her two sons were in the American Air Force. What if she had lost those boys in  Iraq.  For whom were they really fighting that war?? I could feel her pain  through her letters and our telephone calls.  Thank heavens they were  spared, but the suffering in the whole Middle East region continues.  Why? because the politicians are at work.  In our science and math classes in school we were taught that the shortest distance between two lines is a  straight line.  Well with politicians it is zig zag and round about the  “bush”, which eventually never gets you there  or anywhere!!!.

The story of our Nakbeh “catastrophe and dispossession” goes back to 1948.  All the UN resolutions could not redress that dispossession until we reached  to a worse stage in 1967.  So new UN resolutions regarding the occupied  Territories became the new issue.  But then Jerusalem got annexed, so the  issue became the illegality of that, but of course Israel implemented what ever it wished to implement and Jerusalem to them became “The united eternal capital of Israel” irrespective of the illegality.  In the meantime the wave of the illegal settlements started and then the illegal settlements became the issue and an obstacle to peace but they stayed there, and the issue continues to be minimized at every stage and with every new fait a complis.

And after we had enough and cried out loud and clear through our Al-Aqsa  intifada we are now  blessed with a variety of missions and envoys to “stop the violence”.  So the Palestine Question along the years has been watered down to “Stop the violence”. Even the UN  General Secretary  who has not been able to get any of the UN resolutions regarding the Palestinian rights implemented, finds himself  caught in this zig zag and round the bush  diplomacy, demanding the parties, mind you the parties (as if we were equal  parties)  to implement the Mitchell Report and the Tenet Document.  Is this a  joke???? What about that straight line. Illegal occupation means, Implementation of UN resolutions. Period.   For heaven’s sakes go home all of you and please  do not come back unless you have something honorable to offer.  We had enough crumbs all along the last fifty three years. And what is more of a joke are the Arab summit Meetings and the follow up on those meetings. They would spare themselves the energy and money if they would pack and go home.