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Great Return March – A New Defiance Campaign

In a remarkably fresh approach to resistance to Israel's seven decades of colonialism, Palestinians have geared up to mobilise en masse in what has...

Nakba protests: A taste of the future :: Israel in strategic...

"The protesters in Syria and Lebanon showed that they will not be pushed to the margins of the Palestinian Arab Spring. That message will not be lost on either Hamas or Fatah as they begin negotiations to develop a shared strategy over the next few months."

Proud to be Palestinian

"...the most moving scene by far was of Palestinian refugees living in the squalid camps of Syria and Lebanon marching on the barbwire borders with Israel, Palestinian flags raised high above their heads. In Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, throngs of Palestinians and Syrians breached the border, hugging and kissing their occupied Syrian compatriots from whom they have been separated for 30 years. “Long live Palestine!” they yelled as they embraced. “Welcome home,” others cried. “You are free.”

Israel’s Bent Neck

"Israel should have learned by now how wrong it is to deny a people’s history. It is no more right to deny the Palestinians’ narrative of what happened in 1948 than it is to deny that millions of Jews perished in WWII. There is ample evidence that the Holocaust occurred. Let us not allow Israel to deny a catastrophe it created with its own hands. The evidence is right under our noses."

"Children of Catastrophe: Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America"...

"Kanj’s story is unique in that it is his personal experience, but it is at the same time one that most Palestinians can understand through their own experiences in a different camp, country or occupied village. It is, as Kanj puts it, an experience of dispossession which unites an “enduring nation in exile,” wherever they may be. For Palestinians and non-Palestinians alike, Children of Catastrophe offers an important glimpse into the refugee life most people would have difficulty imagining."



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