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Legacy of Sam Nzima’s Iconic Photo Will Live On In Palestine

Nothing could illustrate the stark contrast between a post-1994 democratic South Africa and Israel's apartheid structures than the iconic photo of Hector Pieterson. The picture...

No Dividing, or Conquering Al Aqsa

"What the world seems to forget is that while Israel kicks and screams about how its people do not have religious freedom to worship at what they call the Temple Mount, claiming the PA incites against them and denies their right to exist, millions of Muslim Palestinians who live mere hours if not minutes away from Jerusalem cannot access one of their most holiest of places because of Israel’s entry ban on Palestinians. Ramadan aside – Israel offered laxer restrictions on Fridays for Muslims– Palestinians are consistently denied freedom of worship in a city that is theirs and at a site that for thousands of years, they have claimed as their own."

Bihar arrests: Is Nitish Kumar trying to befool Muslims?

"The Bihar chief minister, on his part, clarified that he had nothing to say on contents of FIR lodged in Chinnaswamy Stadium blast and reiterated their common resolve to fight terror “within framework of law and established procedures”. Nitish said as per CrPC provisions every person arrested should be forwarded to officer-in-charge of nearest police station. This did not happen."

Good Media is Responsible Media

"Contrary to what many may believe, sensationalism, which often compromises credibility, has the opposite effect on receivers. And in this war of information that we often find ourselves in, especially within the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it is imperative that when we say something, even if it is from a Palestinian angle, we make sure it is true."

Recognition is a Two-Way Street

"Recognition is a human need, a political need and a requirement for a dignified life. We must never have to hide who we are, why we are here and what we stand for. Yes, I am Palestinian and Palestine is my home. And if you respect and acknowledge that, we will have no problem whatsoever."



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