The fig leaf that will undo the U.S.

The greatest irony of our time would be the fall of the United States; not because of nuclear and biological weapons against which it has been shielding itself at the cost of trillions of dollars for the last many years, but because of a fig leaf comprised of just two words: conspiracy theories.

In that sense 9/11 was a great day that lead to the schizophrenic use of "conspiracy theories" as a fig leaf to cover crimes of the enemies of the United States.

9/11 was the beginning of a tragic era because 3,000 innocent people instantly lost their lives to a criminal plot of some un-confirmed criminals and around fifty thousands more have so far lost their lives in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere to the subsequent criminal acts of the well-known criminals.

It was nevertheless a great day because the subsequent research has led to reawakening of the modern day serfs.

Despite the continued bloodbath, the day remains great in the sense that the-so-far-secret totalitarian designs of the real culprits -” the modern day Pharaohs -” began to gradually expose on the public and the fig leaf of "conspiracy theory" is hardly enough to exonerate them for too long.

The last three years have been good enough for the world to understand criminal designs of the world mastering demi-gods in the US on the one hand and realize the fact on the other that when human being live through a dark age, it is not easy for the common people to distinguish between Pharaohs and Moses of that time.

It is now an open secret that technologically we have come a long way from the age of Pharaohs’ chariots to the age of Air Force One. The centers of powers have, undoubtedly, moved from the United States of Egypt (1500 BC) to the United States of America (21st century).[1] But human nature and the way it behaves in the darkest times remained unchanged for the last thirty five centuries.

Styles of subjugation, ways of deception and means of oppressing the weak have now become more sophisticated than ever. Most of the oppressed weak, however, are still willing to submit to all the lies, chicanery and deceit from the mighty Washington. But it is not something new. The weak have always been submitting to different tyrannies all along.

An amazing number of Americans -” 42 per cent -” still believe that Saddam was connected to 9/11 and a plethora of Muslims apologists, have accepted responsibility for the 9/11 crime on behalf of all Muslims merely due to their benighted opportunism.[2]

There are however exceptions and every Pharaoh has to face Moses of his time. The Moses of our age are the American researchers who are relentlessly working to uncover the real culprits behind 9/11. The moses are there in pharora’s palace, not outside. In the process they are exposing criminal enterprise of the globalist totalitarians.

The unremitting assiduity of these researchers is commendable. They are, however, lucky to be Americans and non-Muslims; otherwise they would long have been sitting in the US concentration camps with labels of “Al-Qaeda operatives” or “sympathisers.”

Their latest products in the form of many books, reports and video documentaries have hit the internet around the third anniversary of 9/11. Their work provides documented evidence which proves the official story of 9/11 as a cover for hiding perpetrators of the heinous crimes against humanity.

Despite the hard work of these researchers, hundreds of valid questions[2] still remain unanswered because the government is not interested in finding the answers in the first place.

There is an unexplained government and media’s silence over the clear facts, such as: the impossibility of total disappearance of a Boeing 757 in an 18 feet wide hole at the Pentagon;[3] a total absence of the salvaged plane’s debris at the Pentagon;[4] witnesses reports about multiple explosions at the WTC towers before collapse;[5] mysterious leveling of the WTC 7 without taking any direct hit of the planes;[6] witnesses description of the planes hitting the WTC as non-commercial planes,[7] having no windows;[8] the flashes of something actually hitting the towers before the planes actually crashed into them and the projectiles shooting off the building after the plane entered the building.[9]

The US government, media and 9/11 Commission’s deliberately ignoring hundreds of questions and the undeniable facts is just like Pharaoh’s bizarre, even suicidal, behavior in the face of so many visible signs, such as the plagues.

Despite confronting the obvious, Pharaoh refused to change his ways. Such a resolve to stay on the same course remained the hallmark of recent Republican convention in New York.

The way weblogs, research organizations and individuals have unearthed evidence about what really happened on 9/11 and the way it is ignored by the so-called mainstream media reminds one of Pharaoh’s attitude.

Even though the magicians had admitted that the plagues came from God, Pharaoh was so committed that he rid himself of the magicians rather than admit his error. He never called upon them again, because he knew that they were “weak” -” meaning they saw reality staring them in the face.

So has been the US government’s attitude since 9/11. It has been scrambling all along these years to somehow contain the information flow through internet and discredit the so obvious facts by labelling them as "conspiracy theories" rather than mending its ways.

The mainstream media also has little more than two words, “conspiracy theories,” to counter the facts the independent researchers are continuously unearthing and disseminating through internet.

Journalists and analysts in the “mainstream media” who, once committed to a dream, and still claim to stand for freedom and human rights, cannot bear to wake up no matter how strong the reality?

On the part of Muslims, they need to look no further than the example of last week’s apologies by a so-called “Muslim” apologizing on behalf of all Muslims for what happened on September 11, as if he has answered the hundreds of unanswered questions and established the guilt.[10]

As we witness the virus of apologist attitude spreading fast among Muslims, conscious minds in the US are trying to understand and expose the very system that relies on terror and bloodletting for global domination.

We are facing the horrible face of the exposed tyranny. It was so far hidden with fine banners of human rights and slogans of freedom and democracy. The way these researchers are digging out facts and undertaking mass awareness campaigns, the US will soon experience a system-wide failure.

The US zeal for domination is a product of the same tyrannical system called “our civilization” and “our way of life.” The system is based on core prehistoric precepts: violent wars and dehumanizing occupations.

The so-called post-modern religion of tolerance and pluralism is exposed to be nothing more than perfection of Pharaohs’ doctrine of tyranny. Many around the world still torture themselves over whether the promoters of war on Iraq and Afghanistan are just a minuscule minority of "neocons."

Muslims in particular nudge along a lagging conviction that the American terrorists who conquer, massacre and subjugate in the name of freedom and democracy constitute some far-out sect that will some day be defeated through elections, ostracized or neutralized by robust Muslim apologies and pleading guilty to uncommitted crimes.

Instead of going behind what is presented by the internationally recognized lairs and their media, the "best" of Muslim minds have resorted to taking refuge in the easiest way possible: cursing Muslims for “embracing terrorism.”

Just as Moses was the outlaw in the age of Pharaoh, without paying attention to the over all environment in which “terrorism” and “counter-terrorism” takes root, Muslims have been declared guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Weak Muslims, too, have accepted terrorisms to an "Islamic enterprise."

This is the only recourse for a defeatist mentality that has no ability to penetrate lies and deception, like the American webloggers for example, to understand the reality. Living and thriving minds do research. This is the way to defeat modern day Pharaohs because almost half of the Americans still consider them the flag bearers of freedom and morality.

We see examples of this proper way to defeating the tyrants in the ever increasing number of analysts studying videos,[11] preparing presentations,[12] compiling reports,[13] [14]writing books[15] and analyzing all facts surrounding 9/11 and the subsequent exploitation of the crime for the preconceived objectives.[16]


Americans are so often assured that they live as a great civilization, which remained under threat from communism and is now under threat from the Muslim radicals who hate their “way of life” and 9/11 was one of the attempts to take away “their freedoms.”

All the evidence to the contrary that is unearthed by fellow Americans is politely brushed aside as “conspiracy theories” or it is not even considered worth responding to by the highest ever Commission established to investigate 9/11.Interestingly the 9/11 Commission was quick enough to nail Islamic ideology on the cross of American supremacy, but did not even attempt to answer a single question or comment on the facts unearthed by the independent researchers.

Muslims are not responsible for the 9/11 crime nor are they the enemies. Muslims cannot harm America with their present confused state of mind, even if all Muslim countries collectively declare war on the US.

The enemies of the US have no inter-continental ballistic missiles. They do not have nuclear or biological weapons. Their weapons are just two words: conspiracy theories. These words are camouflaging the real enemies of the US and their crimes.

The fig leaf of “conspiracy theory” is stretching too thin with each passing day. The reference and comparison of the US to Egypt in the aforementioned text is for the reason to show that not only the crimes of the US government are matching those of the great Egyptian civilization, but it is also going to meet the same fate just because of an organized effort to ignore unavoidable facts.

Most of us do not recall the greatness of Egypt. For the first time in man’s long existence on this planet, there was a nation: and that nation’s resources were consciously marshalled and used by government which necessarily planned for the future. Writing and written records appeared suddenly to make possible the bureaucracy that managed the nation. And the intelligent direction of human effort soon required or induced technical accomplishment.

At the end of the Second Dynasty there was nowhere on the surface of the earth a permanent structure: Nothing had ever been built of stone. Within a hundred years Egypt had erected the most enduring structure that man has ever built.[17]

When civilization had come to Egypt, it seemed more eternal than the US of the present age. It was, of course, designed, like the pyramids, for all time. For reasons made clear by Karl A. Wittfogel in his brilliant Oriental Despotism (New Haven, 1957), with an omnipotent central government, a completely managed economy, and with inhabitants reduced to the kind of serfdom that the US establishment in Washington is imposing, step by step, on the American people.

As a total system, Egypt had from the beginning, excluded all thoughts of change. Pharaohs imagined a state in which no further governmental or social change was possible or even conceivable against their will.

So are the “sincere” American “scholars,” who present the “end of history” theories, promise the Americans the joys of the established order that can never again change and will be immutable forever in saecula saeculorum — or, at the least, "’Til the sun grows cold, And the stars are old." All those are portrayed as enemies of this order who believe in different systems or a different way of life.

Necessarily, therefore, the basic assumption of both the Egyptian and American civilization are that these are social orders as eternal as the granite of their monuments. Bush and his company, who are hiding their crimes behind the fig leaf of “conspiracy theories,” have no time to think how the Egyptian order suddenly disintegrated into anarchy and utter chaos.

The one thing that we know with certainty about the causes of the collapse is that they were internal. Egypt was not invaded by a “fanatics” and “zealots” of other religion.

Pharaoh was considered the Pope of the Ancient World and Egypt the moral leader of civilized world. The crosier or shepherd’s crook in his hands represents Pharaoh’s role as shepherd of mankind. The US has also assumed the role of the shepherd of mankind. During the New Kingdom, the pharaohs committed themselves to a policy of foreign involvement and conquests in Nubia, Canaan and Syria. They brought in many prisoners of war, seqer-ankh, who were enslaved, at times branded with the sign ki.

Whatever the source of the spark, it is clear that the explosive materials lay deep in the structure of the society they destroyed. What happened in Egypt was not a mere political upheaval to change the ruler or form of government; it was the ruin of a whole civilization through the collapse of its moral foundations with the main weakness of the inability to say no to what was coming from the top.

The US is violating some basic laws of nature -” such as cause and effect, that each action has an opposite reaction and each specie resist to preserve its identity -” which the Pharaohs violated in their time. They could have averted the collapse had they underwent a change that they were so afraid of. The same laws apply in the case of the United States.

It seems that at no time in their long existence as a nation did the Egyptians think in terms of cause and effect. They compiled chronologies, but they never wrote history. They kept careful record of the sequence of events, but did not try to explain the context in which they occurred. Read the articles and watch the discourse on the American mainstream media and you would see discussions on the events presenting them as if happening in a vacuum without any context.

To Egyptians the cause of everything laid in the mysterious and perhaps capricious will of the gods, far beyond human understanding. So is happening with the Americans. They don’t want to see causes, for example they have made to believe that its only their greatness and freedom that makes their government so despised around the world.

Americans see only what their gods tell them: Muslims hate the US because their ideology tell them so. If CNN says Boeing 757 entered and disappeared in an 18 feet hole, American have to believe it irrespective of the fact that three WTCs collapsed because of heat, but at Pentagon even an open book on a wooden table, right at the point of alleged Plane’s collision remained safe.

As long as there is no open discussion in the mainstream media about the facts unearthed and the questions raised by independent researchers, the US is destined for a WTC like implosion not because of attacks by mysterious planes but because of two words -” conspiracy theories -” that have blinded it to seeing the truth and recognizing its enemies.


[1]. See the four part detailed report “Serfs on the Plantation,” by Jacob G. Hornberger, founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, who proves from various aspects how the US has exactly the same control over its people as the Pharaoh used to have. See: Similarly, more than fifty years ago in his book The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek argued that Americans were traveling the same road that all others in history, including the communists, fascists, and Nazis, had traveled.

[2]. See the questions and find out if any of the government officialsor the 9/11 Commission has ever tried to answer any of these question:







[9]. and

[10]. This article was written by Kamal Nawash, who is a confessed apostate (see who believes: "It is not sufficient for moderate Muslims to argue that certain passages in
the Koran are being politically exploited. Muslims must realize that the
passages would not be exploited if they didn’t exist." – His web site ( is located in Washington DC, appropriately enough, at the Watergate Office Complex.






[17]. It was, until quite recently, both the tallest and the most massive building in the world. It was also one of the most accurately constructed: the two and a half million blocks of stone in the Great Pyramid were faced with blocks, many of them weighing sixteen tons, which were finished to a tolerance of plus or minus one one-hundredth of an inch.