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The First Casualty of the Next Major Conflict may be the...

"The day is coming when email users and internet users known to be dissidents or to have tendencies towards dissidence may be banned and electronically disconnected from the internet altogether."

Note to Michael Jackson — Time to Grow Up, Chase Girls,...

"It is time to move on, Michael. Say bye bye to your teams of plastic surgeons. Say bye bye to your sleepover pals. Say bye bye to your California lifestyle, Micheal. Get yourself a Harley and hit the road and let the next phase of your life begin."

Bolivia ready for a positive change

"The majority of Bolivians are ready for an outright nationalization of key resources to improve the lives of the poor who are the majority in this nation of 9.2 million people."

Beware of Professional Politicians with Plans

"The only firm principle I can see in Kerry is to grab for power and promise anything to achieve it. Kerry takes polling more seriously than policy analysis."

Bring hope to the people of South Asia

"The regions population of 1.3 billion, significant numbers living in poverty, in no way benefit from the weapons transfers."



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