The Brain-Dead Media of the Bush Regime


We hear so much talk about the media these days. Where is the media on all the breaking stories since the Bush Regime stole the office of Presidency? We only now find out that the New York Times sat on the NSA spying on Americans story for a year to protect a book they were putting out. The deadheads on television will lie and cover up for this Regime every time. Radio isn’t much better. The talking heads are full of themselves and part of the enormous psy-op on the American people. I fear to say that even the “liberal” media stays away from the really important stories and gives you “truth light”. Isn’t truth light the same as lies?

When JFK was assassinated, Bill Moyers, then Press Secretary, ran to suggest to Lyndon Johnson that the media should be part of the cover up and the “official” story was put on the American people. The “single bullet theory” of the now–”holier-than-thou Arlen Specter. Here it is all these years later and most Americans know in their souls we were lied to. Of course the Warren Commission was a huge part of that cover up.

How about September 11th? Where has the media been on that story? You guessed it, part of the cover up. If a “liberal” news show is still following the official story, I suggest following the money. Who funds these shows? It’s easy to investigate, simply go to and don’t hurt your chin when your mouth falls open. That goes for NPR too. I refer to them on my show ( as National Petroleum Radio. Just today I received a note from noted author Mark Crispin Miller about his ad for his excellent book on the stolen election “Fooled Again” being turned down by NPR. Gee, and you thought we had public access radio?

How about all the television commercials against Bush and his war that the corporate owned stations refused to air? We get plenty of Bush-fans spewing their lies, but where’s the other side of the coin? The truth?

I have been putting out stories on my show for six years now that corporate or truth light media is just picking up on. I refuse to air “both sides” on my show because the “others” have all the media exposure they can handle. I bravely take on both political parties as they both feed off the same trough. I’ve had guests like Howard Zinn, Gore Vidal and Kitty Kelley on my show. People that are basically “banned” from the media. Why?

Because they are truth tellers and expose the lies of the entire Bush regime, neo-cons, Zionists, Oil barons and the minions of the One World Order now cleverly called “globalists”.

The truth is out there. Many great websites exist putting it out 24/7. Thank Goddess for the internet. We the people have been here in the trenches working tirelessly for a free America. Free, perhaps for the very first time.

The Bush Regime coined the term Un-American for those opposing the war in Iraq. Well, I say to you that they are all Un-American. The Bush Regime, the Clintons, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Lobbyists and let’s not leave out the Multi National Corporations and Oil Monopoly.

Every signer of the Patriot Act (Un-Patriot Act); every fan of the fascist nominees for the Supreme Court ; every American who says “torture is okay” is Un-American. They say we should get out of America if we don’t like it. I doubt the Founding Fathers would have done that. I say THEY should leave, and be quick about it.

There’s a revolution in the air, I can hear the call of Paul Revere shouting “wake up, wake up”……….get your horses ready America, it’s now or never.