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That Would Be Really Hard

"I don't care if you donate a lot of money to charity, or not.  I don't even care if you pay your taxes. I don't care about your religious beliefs. I don't care if you cheat on your husband - none of my business. I don't care if you feed your kids Twinkies for breakfast.  I care only about the domestic and foreign policy that you support.  People die every day because of those policies. I might believe that you care about us, if you ever resign from the Republican/Democratic Party, but I know that that would be really hard. ""

US elections 2010: Learning from defeat

"Obama has nothing to lose now by sticking to his principles. He can still rally Americans by pushing ahead with arms control and climate change measures, carrying through on his vow to end the war in Afghanistan next year, pressuring Israel to abide by international norms, thereby showing the Washington beltway cabal for what it is."

A Mad Tea Party

"The next targets are social security and all other social welfare programs, including unemployment insurance, and free public education. The burden of taxation has already been shifted to workers, the middle class and small business owners, and now the people are being convinced that they cannot afford the very programs that most benefit themselves. Sheer madness!"

Harper; Heading for a majority? Don’t jump to conclusions yet

"...there is a ray of hope that could rescue Canada even from another Conservative minority government; and that is for the Liberals and NDP to form a coalition. In the last Parliament, the seats held by both opposition parties totaled far more than those held by the Conservatives."

The Audacity of McCain

"The audacity of McCain is that he is preempting the Democrats in a very impressive way. Women represent at least 50% of the American population, and thus by nominating a woman running mate McCain has opened the door to a woman president by attrition, which is stunningly audacious in view of his advanced age."



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