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Israeli army’s lies can no longer salvage its image

It is has been a very bad week for those claiming Israel has the most moral army in the world. Here’s a small sample...

India’s Media War

An interesting war is going on between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Indian National Congress on social media. This time the Congress seems...

Iran: Washington’s hardest case or troubled dream?

"One does not know what Clinton exactly means by ‘trying’ as all we have seen during the recent years is a literature of force, flying spy drone over the Iranian airspace, the imposition of sanction after sanction, targeting the Iranian population and endangering the health of terminally ill Iranian patients who are in desperate need of imported medicine."

Romney’s Foreign Policy: "About Face" or "Two-Faced"?

"Listening to this "kinder and gentler" Romney, two questions came to mind. Was all this a tactical ploy to sway undecided voters? Or was this the candidate's declaration of independence from his neo-conservative advisers (three-quarters of whom are George W. Bush alumni)? Since Romney has also selectively veered away from many of his other "severely Conservative" views during the last few weeks of the campaign, I tend to believe that it is more of a crass tactical move than an assertion of independence."

Voter Suppression: An American Tradition

"Some feel that having to provide a photo I.D. in order to vote ranks as a crime against civility. What is really criminal is that some born in this country are unable to get such identification because they are poor. This in an economy that imports cheap labor, even illegally, and provides them with social security numbers and driver’s licenses so that profits can be gleaned from their labor. And in some places, voter registration is possible by mail and all you need is an address and ss#, which feeds into the fantasy of legions of foreign voters."



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