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A Historic Day in Congress

I spent Thursday morning at the offices of two new Members of Congress, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. The scenes...

Pakistan: Elections or Revulsion against Hall of Shame

Are the Pakistanis living in a Fantasy World? The logic of July 25 parliamentary elections in Pakistan is questionable as being a ceremonial stunt to...

Palestinians: The Invisible Victims

This year will mark the seventieth anniversary of the United Nations partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish regions, and the anniversary of the...

Pence’s Middle East

US Vice President Michael Pence's recent foray into Middle East politics has been nothing short of a disaster. Because he sees the world through...

Pakistan: In Quest of Reality for a Navigational Change

Towards Understanding the Reality of Problems In its formative history of 70 years, the nation is fraught with tragedies. The legal dismissal of PM Nawaz...



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