Semites versus Semites!

Let us make one thing clear from the beginning: I am not an anti-Semite!

Semites are a race of people that sprang from various tribes in the Middle East a long time ago. The only controversy in the area since then is that engendered by the two great religions –” Islam and Judaism.

Islamic beliefs can be held and practiced by any racial group; Judaic beliefs can be held and practiced by any racial group. There can be converts to either religion by members of any group. Islamists are not a particular race; neither are the followers of Judaism.

I am not an anti-Semite, nor am I anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant, anti-Hindu, or anti-Zoroastrian.

So, how do these definitions apply to the situation today in the Middle East?

The government of Israel today is trumpeting its position that it will not negotiate at any time with Palestinian Hamas.


Because Hamas has stated a position that the state of Israel must be destroyed.

This Israeli thrust is being reinforced by many governments in the world, the United States leading the way.

Let us return to 1947 Palestine.

Groups such as the Irgun and the Stern Gang were terrorizing the British who were overseeing the Palestine Mandate, killing many Brits, hanging them from trees, murdering from the shadows, anybody who disagreed with their quest for an Israeli Jewish-religious state.

Then, in 1947, under pressure from pro-Israelis in England and the US, among others, the Brits withdrew from the Mandate, the cowardly UN developed a partition plan that would forcibly insert an Israeli state in the middle of the Land of Palestine, with Jerusalem to be an international region administered by the UN.

And on the 14th of May 1948, the state of Israel was announced, and the reign of terror against the Palestinians began –” their lands, their properties, and their freedoms were savagely destroyed, and their peoples forced to flee.

Thus, is it strange that Hamas and other Palestinian groups have called for the destruction of Israel?

Is it strange that there is an Islamic animus against the United States, who gives a lip-service amount of about $233,000 a day to placate Palestine, but also gives, without accounting, over $15,000,000 a day to the state of Israel?

My question is this: Where were these voices lamenting today’s calls for the destruction of Israel, which has not happened, and where were they in 1948 where the destruction of Palestine did happen?