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The persecuted Rohingyas

"The Rakhines should be forward-looking. When democracy will return to Myanmar, the struggle for self-determination will suffer if the major two ethnic-religious groups of Arakan - the Rakhines and the Rohingyas - remain divided and at loggerheads."

Gender Equity is Part of Islam

"Throughout Islamic history, Muslim women expressed their opinions freely, participated in serious discussions with the Prophet Muhammad as well as with other leaders of the times. Muslim women have been elected leaders of their countries and serve in all levels of public offices."

Semites versus Semites!

"...in 1947, under pressure from pro-Israelis in England and the US, among others, the Brits withdrew from the Mandate, the cowardly UN developed a partition plan that would forcibly insert an Israeli state in the middle of the Land of Palestine, with Jerusalem to be an international region administered by the UN."

Fateh and Hamas in Tight Race for the Legislature

"For Hamas, the Israeli decision to bar it from campaigning is a win-win situation. Some Hamas candidates see the controversy over Jerusalem as free publicity. Furthermore, Palestinians expect the PA to guarantee the rights of all parties to campaign in Jerusalem including Hamas. Despite the recent detainments of its campaign workers, candidates, and supporters, Hamas continues to campaign in Jerusalem."

Buildings formerly known as synagogues

"The recent controversy over the buildings in ex-Gaza settlements can also be considered a crisis created for political reasons. The two sides had earlier agreed that Israel would leave intact only buildings or assets that the Palestinian side would be in need of and would agree to take over. But at the last minute, Israel decided to leave behind these buildings, a move perceived by the Palestinian side as an attempt at embarrassing the Palestinian Authority, which would have difficulty protecting them and difficulties if it failed to protect them."



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