Republicans and Democrats: Taxing and Spending

Republican Party members, such as George W. Bush, tend to sneer at Democrats and their party. They use a phrase in derisive manner — “tax and spend Democrats”, which would make an unthinking person think there is something sordid in collecting income before you spend it at the governmental level.

And we all know how much Bush and the Republicans love to cut taxes. It is virtually their entire government mandate, other than gutting the environment.

But, does this mean that, along with cutting of taxes, the Republicans also cut spending. Absolutely not! The Republicans should be known as “spend and spend Republicans”, or “big deficit Republicans”. While cutting taxes, they tend to dramatically increase Federal spending, usually in the form of massively boosting spending within the military/industrial complex, while gutting social programs of all kinds.

As a result of all that spending, Republicans, particularly under Presidents Reagan and Bush (the lesser) have compiled the largest yearly budget deficits in history, not to mention the largest cumulative budget deficit in history.

While Clinton was being reviled for episodes of cigar sucking in the Oval Office, the national budget deficit was going down, but under his prudish successor, George W. (Big Deficit) Bush has been skyrocketing, by putting massive infusions of capital into things like cruise missiles and bunker busting bombs, which explode out of the economy without doing anyone any real good except the corporations who charge huge bucks to manufacture them.

True, the Democrats do get out of control at times, but their deficits tend to be caused by trying to help the oppressed, the overlooked and the neglected in our money-mad society; whereas Republicans literally cannot wait to boost the deficit by boosting spending on “needy” corporations and military madness, which is always massively money mooching.

“Tax and spend” doesn’t sound so bad when compared to “spend and spend, and spend and spend, and spend and spend”. Or is it “print and spend, and spend and spend, and spend and spend.”

Can’t someone please give that billionaire another million?

The writer is a member of several falconry and ornithological clubs and organizations. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from California, USA.