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The Malian Genocide: What the African Union should do

In 1994, the world woke up to the sad news of the Rwandan genocide which killed hundreds of thousand people. It is sad to...

Exporting Dictators

The U.S. government gets little credit for it, doesn't even like to brag about it, but as of 2017 provided military "aid" to 73%...

A Reminder on the Essence of Genuine Leadership

Elections are held in many parts of our globe for a plethora of reasons – from electing the head of an organization (including but...

In Israel’s Jails, Prisoners are Dying to Live

"To the Palestinian leadership, the prisoners have made an even more poignant point: do not forget us. While the leadership has always paid lip service to the cause and plight of the prisoners, it is only now that the case is back at the forefront of its agenda. The leadership has also been reminded that the struggle is not just about negotiations and diplomacy. The struggle has returned to the purity of its beginnings, when its strength came from its simplicity: release the prisoners who are fighting for independence, reject the occupation and fight for freedom at any cost."

End Human rights violations

"The ugly Israeli wall is now in place and the Israelis can install whatever security measures they wish to ensure that the safe-passage road keeps Israel safe, but to deny millions of Palestinians the right to travel to and from Gaza clearly amounts to collective punishment."



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