Parleys amid Hysterics

While, the much-awaited day of Indo-Pakistan parleys is fast approaching–”on Feb-16 , visibly to avert the swelling tension in South Asia, India, paradoxically persists with its antagonistic crusade vis-à-vis Pakistan–”a typical odious tactic, being detested by every peace-loving nation–”all-over.

Not only that New Delhi–”in a bid to dupe the world n’ tat too with any logic–”responded negatively to Pakistan’s candid offer for withdrawal of troops along the LoC for de-escalating the uptight situation, it has–”simultaneously–”intensified its atrocious acts in India held-part of the Himalayan State.

This posture of the Indian rulers is a visible symptom of their constant averse approach towards efforts to find out an amicable settlement of the disputes between the two countries, of-course with Kashmir as a core Issue.

In the light of the latest stance of the Indians, it is evident that prospects for an early top-level dialogue between the two nuke-neighbors, India n’ Pakistan are departing remote.

Observers projected that India will have a good sense to react positively to Pakistan’s sincere offer for alleviating the tension in the region.

One and all know that almost a year-long stand-off along the borders had led to a situation, which India has always been eager to exploit.

Yet it served no other purpose except that of perpetuating a high degree of tension and animosity. Prima facie, with such an eyeball-to-eyeball row, India ferociously wanted to make its presence felt as a regional hegemony.

In fact, the egotism of India was tarnished due to the events since Nine/Eleven, when Pakistan was pragmatically placed in a key position in the comity of nations that emerged as a coalition for a war against terrorism.

India’s hurried offer of logistic support to the US was rebuffed and instead it was Pakistan that became the focus of the global diplomatic activity. However the attack on the Indian parliament building came handy to New Delhi as an excuse for whipping up a completely uncalled for crisis and creating war a hideous hysteria.

The entire world realizes that the present scenario in South Asia is too perilous to be allowed to stick with for an indefinite period.

It could have run the hazards of a fortuitous war which no realist would have liked. Historians stand witness that as for Pakistan, it has on its part–”time and again–”shown restraint and tolerance.

It did not instantly rush its troops to the border. It did so only when the Indian deployment had created a serious security threat for it. This vigorously makes apparent Pakistan’s zeal for a long-lasting peace in this part of the world. It is, therefore an apt time that India should acknowledge Pakistan’s offer for amity in the region–”in a sincere style..

New Delhi must admit the veracity that the continuation of the Kashmir dispute will always remain a source of tension and conflict in South Asia. This longstanding issue is needed to be solved in the best interest of peace and prosperity of billion-plus populace of the South Asia region.

In fact, it is the most coherent n’ cogent time that India must understand that it is now left with no option but to hold summit-level talks with Pakistan for the resolution of all the problems, being Kashmir atop.

Every peace-loving nation–”around the globe–”realizes that the concentration of a million troops by India in IHK is a blatant exercise of duress and intimidation towards innocent Kashmiris.


With her ludicrous approach, New Delhi is virtually going against the universal trends of solving disputes–”like the Kashmir Issue–”via peaceful means. In fact the existing Indian tendency will eventually prove futile.

As far Pakistan, it will maintain its principled stand on the Kashmir issue, as has been categorically affirmed by the President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf in his gallant and internationally eulogized address–”at the joint session of the AJK Legislative Assembly n’ Kashmir Council on the eve of Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Musharraf had beamed to the orb the same perception in his address to the nation on January-12 n’ May-27 last year.

Hence Islamabad will continue to influence its capacious friends in the international community to play their vital role for peace and tranquility in South Asia. Every realistic nation around the globe has–”already–”energetically certified Pakistan’s policy of restraint to seek resolution of all the issues in an genial way, that is through a dialogue.

Its’ a credible reality that emergence of a lasting peace in the region is inconceivable without the settlement of the Kashmir issue, reflecting the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

Thus it is irrefutably; a highly significant question for the implementation on an agreement reached between India and Pakistan and sanctified by the UN resolutions on Kashmir, fully supported by the entire members of the world body.

In case, India goes on to disregard the ground realities by defying the world opinion, the entire onus of the catastrophe shall lay on the New Delhi rulers, who will ultimately have to bow before the steadfast will of the heroic people of Jammu and Kashmir.

It is, therefore the best time for India–”which is now entering into a phase of fresh elections probably in May this year, after the dissolution of its’ Parliament–”to respond to the CBMs, set off by Pakistan–”with affinity of love for amity, in an affirmative way to unbolt vistas for affluence–”yet with mutual dignity n’ honor.

Else neither the historians nor the mostly famished people of India will ever exonerate the New Delhi rulers for their irrational designs n’ eschewing a sane mind-set towards the bona fide truth, which has always been acknowledged by everyone–”bestowed with an intellect of acumen n’ wisdom.

Of-late, even the two stalwarts–”with every strapping authority at their disposal–”President Bush n’ the boss of the United Nations, Kofi Annan–”in session in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington–”have also called for apex-level dialogue between India n’ Pakistan, airing to the world that they shall extend an all-out assist n’ support to such a course.

Overtly, it manifests their perceptible aspire for serenity in South Asia. So why not to abide by such a fabulous zest?

Yet–”this can become potential only, if India trails an affable n’ jovial path by ceasing at-once its’ reign of terror in the India held-Kashmir as well as all sorts of malevolence n’ animosity towards Pakistan–”which is set to bring-in a flexibility in its’ avowed perspective even on Kashmir–”provided India pursues an equivalent alleyway for the birth of a down-to-earth friendship at every-level between the peoples of the two countries as well as–”for opening an aromatic panorama of peace, progress n’ prosperity in each arena of the natives’ life.

One hopes that the current allure for love n’ conviviality by AB Vajpayee-led BJP set-up in India shall not–”eventually–”bear out as an ‘election ploy’ to clutch votes with adore from the Muslim electors, but it would take impetus in the times to come. With this outlook, India must–”as a prologue–”stop the carnage of innocent people of held-Kashmir without further ado–”to depict its’ sincerity for peace, if at all it has any sagacious leaning on this imperative facet.