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Status Quo Not Conducive to the Settlement of Kashmir

India is celebrating 72nd Independence Day to commemorate its independence from colonial British Raj. We extend our warm greetings to the people of India...

Eisenhower wouldn’t have stood for this

"Nations with less wealth than ours have higher standards of living, life expectancies, infant survival rates, education levels, vacation days, retirement security, and progress toward green energy. There's no technological reason we can't run everything in this country on clean energy. There's no law of physics preventing us from providing free top-quality education for all who want it from pre-school through college. There's no medical reason we can't have universal health coverage. What's standing in the way is a broken political system, and what is breaking it is in large part the military industrial complex."

The new ghetto

"In order to extricate itself from this new ghetto, Israel needs to change its policy. Were the present government to do so, Israel would be forgiven the composition of its leadership. But the likelihood of this happening is slim because Israel's leaders believe in the path they have chosen: some of them suffice with lip service to peace while others don't even bother with lip service and state openly that they don't believe in peace. None are prepared to pay the price for peace."

To bring harmony in Arakan, Xenophobic works of the Rakhines must...

"I would like to express thanks and appreciation to Ko Aye Chan for his recent writings to me with receptive mind and I am expecting decisive response from him and others because I feel that formation of a joint Rakhine and Rohingya political Organization through reconciliation is crucial and imperative for joint action against dictatorship."

Edgar Allan Poe: A Tragic, but Talented, American Original

"There is little or no credible reason to believe that Poe was an opium or drug addict as claimed by the administrator of his literary estate, the “character assassin,” one Rufus Griswold. Poe may have occasionally experimented with “laudanum,” Ackroyd writes. But, the author strongly argues: “The evidence does not suggest that [Poe] was an habitual imbiber of the drug.”"



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